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7 Delicious Vegan Desserts That Are Super Easy to Make


Vegan desserts can be decadent. Vegan desserts can be easy to make. You might not believe us on these points yet, but you will once you try the recipes below.

Here’s the thing: Milk and eggs are common ingredients when it comes to dessert, and there’s nothing wrong with baking with them. (We love a pumpkin pie bite, for example, made with eggs and Greek yogurt!)  But if you’ve got a vegan friend coming over for dinner or are cutting out dairy for a bit, there are now plenty of simple ways to make desserts that are just as delicious and decadent.

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Our recipes also happen to be healthy (that’s kind of our thing) and easy to execute. No substituting 15 different exotic ingredients for an egg, required.

Try whipping up one of these simple vegan desserts next time it’s your yogi coworker’s birthday.

7 Delicious, Simple Vegan Desserts

  • Banana Avocado Brownies

    You’ve heard of almond flour and coconut flour…but banana flour? In these fudgy brownies, it’s just the beginning. They’re also made with creamy, omega-rich avocados and are filled with flavor boosters that are good for you—like unsweetened cocoa powder, vanilla, and nut butter. They’re also gluten-free, for those with other food sensitivities. To make them truly vegan, be sure to buy dairy-free chocolate chips; most standard brands contain milk.

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  • Vegan Chocolate Gingerbread Muffins

    Breakfast or dessert? How about Both? Sometimes you encounter a delicious bakery treat that’s vegan. Or gluten-free. Or low-calorie. Or protein-rich. This one checks all of those boxes naturally, because it’s made with healthy, plant-based ingredients like ground flaxseed, applesauce, and almond flour. And instead of stopping at rich, chocolate flavor, we added gingerbread spices for a chocolatey-gingerbread one-two flavor punch.

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  • Choco-Avocado Pudding

    Chocolate pudding just got a major upgrade. This creamy, delicious dessert can also be eaten as a snack since it’s made with just four healthy ingredients (plus a fifth nutritious garnish). Using avocado as a base makes it the perfect consistency and honey adds nutrient-rich sweetness. Skip honey if it’s not part of your vegan diet—you can use maple syrup, it’ll just add a little maple flavor.

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  • Banana Ice Cream

    We’re not kidding, this is made with just one healthy ingredient. It’s also incredibly versatile. In this recipe, we suggest adding a few peanuts as a topping, but there are a million other ways to change it up and add flavor while keeping it healthy. Things you can add to the food processor to mix in with the frozen banana: nut butters, coconut oil, or maple syrup. Other toppings you can sprinkle on: almonds, cashews, cacao nibs, berries, dried goji berries, and so much more.

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  • Raw Cookie Dough

    Yes, we figured out a way to make eating raw cookie dough good for you, and we expect the thank you letters to start piling up in the mail, shortly. No, it’s not technically, actually cookie dough, but it tastes just like it and is so much better for your body. Again, the recipe calls for honey. If you don’t eat honey, you could try coconut sugar, a little white sugar, or one of these other substitutes.

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  • Poached Pears

    Poached pears are a delicious dessert that’s made of mostly fruit, and the cinnamon-vanilla flavor makes them a great option for the holiday season. It’s also nice to find a dessert you can make in a slow cooker, since you don’t have to watch it as closely as something you’re baking. You just leave it for hours, come back, and it’s ready to go.

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  • No-Bake Matcha Coconut Bites

    We love the earthy taste of matcha, but not everyone loves sipping the grassy, super-green tea. Pair it with sweet coconut and maple syrup, though, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t want to eat five of these. Plus, you can make them during the hottest days of summer when turning on the oven is really not an option.

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