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3 of the Worst Traditional Holiday Dishes


If the holidays were meant to be healthy, you’d eat the gravy every day of the year.

Thank the heavens above that holiday dishes are not in your daily rotation, or you’d wind up with mashed potatoes in your veins and stuffing under your skin.

Today we’re focusing on three of the worst of the worst of the worst traditional holiday dishes for your waistline.

It’s not meant to be a trash your feast sesh, I’m just shedding some light and promise you tips you can really dig in to!

3 of the Worst Traditional Holiday Dishes



Eggnog is made with whipping cream, sugar, eggs and bourbon. What’s not to love? Ummmm the nearly 400 calories in a cup, all that saturated fat and the impending food coma that comes after the third sip. Nobody needs to chase their prime rib feast with a glass full of food porn.

If you’re a lover of this thick and decadent holiday treat, why not place it center stage in your holiday repertoire and make a healthful version and meal out of it?

I’m loving the idea of a healthy eggnog with all the flavor you love, plus a boost of nutrition with coconut milk and avocado undertones.

With a splash of spirits or without, this drink is a total holiday DO.



Green Bean Casserole takes healthful, fiber rich, low calorie, crispy, crunchy and satisfying green beans and ups the calories from 31 calories a cup and no fat to a whopping 230 calories plus 10 grams of fat.

I guess that’s what happens when you add a can of creamed mushroom soup and fried onions. Sigh.

Try green beans with lemon and garlic and save the creamyliciousness for dessert time. You’ll love the modern take on the classic. So will your abs.


pecan pie

Pecan Pie is full of pecans, corn syrup and butter and then surrounded by a crispy, crumbly crust of flour and butter.

Pecans are absolutely healthful and should be in your munching routine, but ten halves are roughly 100 calories, so a little goes a long way.

An average piece of pecan pie runs you roughly 500 calories and nearly 30 grams of fat.

Rather than all of that fat and sugar surrounding your precious pecans, center stage these nuts with a spiced pecan recipe (swap the walnuts for pecans) that will wow your guests and you’ll feel great about eating.

They’re versatile little suckers and work on both your appetizer tray as well as the dessert table.

So, there you have it. Tweak your holiday dishes into healthy foods, and sticking to your healthy eating plan during the holidays will be a piece of cake pie.

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