Love More, Sex

Sex and Your Health


I am an open book, put it all out there kind of person with most things, but I am not a ‘hey peops, let’s chat about sex’ kind of free spirit.

Sex is personal and everyone has different boundaries with this topic.

Even though it isn’t the most comfortable of all the things I chat about, I think it is super important and I refuse to let my own bit of awkwardness keep me from spreading the message encouraging healthy, consensual, pleasure pursuing grown up sex.

Sex is part of everyone’s wellness.

As a matter of fact, “Love More” is a pillar of Nutritious Life for this very reason.

Let’s get some love in the air.

It’s February, friends! Before you do some sweet talkin’ or dirty talkin’ to your Valentine, you might want to know why sex is good for you and your lover. {Tweet this}

I’m a big sex lover because lovin’ is great for your body.

It is the yin (oxytocin) to the yang (cortisol) of stress.

It’s the 3 day food cleanse that recovers you from a Super Bowl food coma. {Tweet this}

It helps you escape from the negatives in life, and fills you with feel good. I want you to feel good. Feeling good helps to motivate you to make healthy decisions in all areas of your life.

I was going to tell you sex is good for weight loss, and weight loss is good for your libido, but I already wrote about it here.

I was starting to write something about the benefits of orgasm, but I realized I’d already written about it here.

Then I was about to tell you that sex is good for your wellness. It prevents cancers, strengthens your ticker and even improves your immune system, but you’ve read that already. 

So, I thought I’d give you an idea about how to get your partner all hot and heavy for you, but I already blogged about that, too.

In fact, I think you’ve seen this one, and this one, and this one, too.

Well, I think I’ve covered all the bases (get it? bases? sex joke?). Give this last blog a quicky before you fall into your post-sexytime sleep. I guess I’m not as shy about sex as I thought.

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