5 Expert Tips to Transform Your Treadmill Routine

Let’s face it, treadmill running can be pretty monotonous and boring. But it’s still a go-to workout for many gym goers—whether you’re a runner or just want to get in some simple cardio—especially during colder months.

Here’s the good news: If you’ve ever tried a class at RIPPED, you know that treading can also be intense, exciting, and really effective. (Although you may still curse the treadmill as you hit another hill and your quads are burning!)

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RIPPED is a boutique fitness studio in New York created by Brian Ripka, and classes there deliver high-intensity intervals that alternate between the treadmill and strength training. It’s fast, sweaty, and yes, fun. “Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, our expert instructors motivate you to push harder, inspire you to go faster, and guarantee results you’ve never seen before … all while fostering a customized experience and personal growth,” Ripka says.

How can you recreate that feeling on your own, if you don’t live near the studio or, um, can’t get out of bed to make it to that 7:00 a.m. class? We asked Ripka to share his advice on how to turn things up, to take your gym treadmill time from boring to body-changing. Get his five expert tips, below.


5 Tips for Treadmill Running

1. Recreate a RIPPED class.

The RIPPED class alternates two 12-minute treadmill runs with two 12-minute boot camp floor sessions in a HIIT format so your heart rate is constantly elevated,” he explains. Try following that format at your gym by hopping off the machine to do some push-ups, weight lifting, kettlebell swings, or plank variations.

2. Run in intervals.

Even if you prefer to stay on the machine the whole time, change up your pace rather than moving at the same rhythm the entire time. “Set a base pace (something you can maintain for 20 minutes) and then challenge yourself to raise your base pace for 30, 60 and 90 second sprints,” he says.

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3. Add hills!

Mix up the incline just like you mix up the pace. (It’ll be good for your glutes, too!)

4. Don’t underestimate the motivating power of music.

“Customize a playlist that gets you pumped,” Ripka says.

5. Use a mantra.

Just like repeating one can help you stay focused while meditating, it can also help propel your feet forward. Choose one that motivates you, personally.

Ready to lace up? You can also take inspiration from the fact that whether you’re having a great time or feeling bored, you’re doing something great for your body. “Running is a total-body workout that burns more fat than almost any other form of cardio,” he says.

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