Complicated workout sequences you suffer through alone at the gym? Fitness routines that require fancy props and feel like torture?

Brian Gallagher is not into any of that.

Gallagher is the co-founder of popular workout method Throwback Fitness, which certifies instructors to not only take exercise back to its (super effective) basics (think: lots of bodyweight moves), but also makes fitness fun by incorporating playful teamwork and competition. Tagline: “It’s like recess for adults.”

In that same vein, he launched the Simple Man Guide, a platform dedicated to simplifying self-improvement in the name of finding ways to help himself and others regain control of what he sees as life’s most treasured asset: time. (How great does that sound?)

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How does that play out in his own life? Here, Gallagher shares his Simple Man Diet, why he usually exercises outside, and more.

Brian Gallagher

How Does Brian Gallagher Live a Nutritious Life?

If you had to name your healthy diet, what would you call it? The Simple Man Diet—all single-ingredient foods.

What’s your go-to breakfast? Hard-boiled eggs.

Your go-to workday lunch? I don’t typically eat lunch. I do breakfast at 10:30-11:00 a.m., dinner around 6:30 p.m., and one or two snacks in between.

Your go-to workday dinner? Grilled fish and frozen veggies.

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What’s the one food you always have in your fridge? Eggs!

The one food you’d never buy? Sauerkraut…can’t get over the smell!

The snack you always have with you when traveling? Nuts (Almond, cashew, walnut, pistachio blend).

What do you eat before and after a workout? Black coffee before and then I eat whenever I get hungry after. I’m not too set on “having” to eat immediately after.

Your favorite food indulgence? Ice cream. Without a doubt.

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How often do you exercise, and what’s your workout of choice? Five to six days per week, and I LOVE calisthenics (high intensity, high volume).

Which workout would you NEVER do? Heavy weights (not any more!).

How do you stay active outside the gym? 98 percent of my workouts are outside the gym! I love exercising outdoors, even in the cold, New York winter months.

What’s your go-to tool for managing stress? Journaling. I try to write at least 750 words every day (some days I miss, admittedly). I got into the habit after reading The Artist’s Way.

How do you pamper yourself when you need it? A nice steak dinner.

Do you have a favorite health gadget? What is it and why? My Casio G-Shock watch. It’s simple, tough as hell, and I use it for every single workout I do.

How do you express and spread love? I love to send postcards and handwritten notes. I always have stamps in my bag.

What’s your weirdest healthy habit? I fast one day per week. Every Monday (dinner on Sunday night, coffee/water only until Monday dinner).

Which healthy habit do you wish you had more time for? Yoga/stretching.

Lightning Round

Meditation or massage? Meditation.

A hot shower or a soothing bath? Hot shower.

Almond butter or peanut butter? Peanut butter!

Coffee or tea? Coffee.

A long run outside or a dark spin class? Long run outside.


(Photos: Throwback Fitness, Brian Gallagher)

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