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The Workout Apparel Essentials Every Active Woman Needs

By Nutritious Life

Leotards were 80s. Sweatpants were 90s. And we all know today’s workout apparel craze is athleisure. But it’s tricky picking fashionable fitness clothes that also look great outside of the gym.

To start building a workout wardrobe worthy of that task, you’ve got to stock up on essentials. (Think LBD or classic white Tee.)

Get inspired by these picks for the three essential items every active woman needs.

Workout Apparel Essentials

workout apparel essentials

A Really Great Basic Black Legging

First up (and arguably the most important): a pair of versatile, sweat-wicking leggings that work for classes from HIIT to yoga and also look great before and after, for days when changing just isn’t an option. This Power Legging ($100) is exactly that “do-all-things” legging. Think of it as the LBD of your workout wardrobe.

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workout apparel essentials

A Comfy, Multi-Tasking Sports Bra

Sure, higher-impact workouts will require more support and occasionally you’ll want to want to break out that crazy, strappy number that looks amazing under a low-back tank. But you need a go-to you can always grab. Sweaty Betty’s Infinity Workout Bra ($65) provides medium support, great shape, and has just enough strappiness in the back for a little style bonus.

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workout apparel essentials

The Perfect Cover-Up

When running from gym to the next thing, you need something you can throw on over your sweaty garb that doesn’t look totally frumpy. The Escape Sweater ($160) is slightly oversized but sleek. It’s a Sweaty Betty favorite for a reason.