How to Make Healthy Plant-Based Meals for Kids

Created in partnership with Kidfresh.

Maybe you’ve decided to incorporate more plant-based meals into your family’s diet, or your eight-year-old just figured out the connection between chickens and chicken fingers and swore off meat (at least for now).

Whatever the reason, there are a couple things that you need to think about when making plant-based meals for kids.

First, will they eat them? Kids are so picky, and it’s often much easier to convince them to nibble on a strip of bacon than it is to get them to finish their broccoli.

Second, are they getting enough protein? Most kids (and adults) get more than enough protein in their everyday diets, but as you cut out more animal products, it’s worth paying more attention to the nutrient.

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Good news: Kidfresh’s frozen meals—made with real, healthy foods and formulated so that kids will love them—are loaded with hidden nutrients, including plenty of protein. And they offer plenty of plant-based options that are ready in five minutes flat.

Keep reading for a few smart ideas for healthy plant-based meals for kids.

Plant-Based Meals for Kids


Kidfresh Blueberry Waffles

Frozen waffles are usually made with mostly white flour and sugar, but Kidfresh makes ‘em with whole grains, milk, eggs, and hidden veggies. The result is a breakfast that has 8g of protein plus plenty of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.


Oatmeal is an old-school go-to that stands the test of time. Kids love it and it’s filled with protein, fiber, and vitamins. Make it with milk and add toppings like peanut butter for extra protein. And if there’s no time in the morning, make the overnight version so it’s waiting in the fridge.

plant-based meals for kids


Kidfresh Mozzarella Sticks

How happy are you that a nutritionist is telling you you can give your kids mozzarella sticks as an after-school snack? (You’re about to get the #coolmom award.) Kidfresh makes them with real mozzarella and whole wheat and chickpea flours. That means 9g of protein, and no deep fryer in sight.

Nut Butter Pantry Party

I call this a party because all of the nuts and nut butters are invited. Nuts are a great plant-based source of both protein and healthy fats. Serve them with fruits and veggies like apple slices and celery sticks, and it’s the perfect snack.

Lunch and Dinner

Kidfresh Wagon Wheels Mac ‘N Cheese 

Okay, for a full meal, this Mac ‘N Cheese gets a gold star. Not only does it contain 12g of protein, it delivers calcium and important vitamins, courtesy of hidden pureed carrots.

Sweet Potato Nachos

Kids love nachos, and these qualify as a meal since the base is healthy sweet potatoes, not tortilla chips. They’re piled with nutrients from veggies like peppers and avocado (leave out any you think your kids won’t touch) and plant protein from black beans.


(Photos: Kidfresh)

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