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Are These Hidden Ingredients Making You Break Out?


We’ve been talking about why artificial sweeteners like Equal and Splenda are bad for your overall health (cue those sugar cravings) for a long time.

But in this video, Dr. Whitney Bowe introduces a connection between artificial sweeteners and skin that may surprise you.

Dr. Bowe is a superstar dermatologist in New York City who not only specializes in skin rejuvenation and laser dermatology but also focuses on how lifestyle factors like nutrition, exercise, and stress affect your skin. (AKA…our kind of woman!) She helps her patients and people all over the country figure out how to get #thatboweglow every day (and has also been a rockstar speaker at The Nutritious Life Studio’s Masterclass events in the past). And she’s sharing some of her genius tips and tricks, here, in a series of videos on hot skin-care topics.

A growing body of research, she explains, is showing how these sweeteners disrupt gut bacteria, triggering inflammation. And inflammation is public enemy number one when it comes to acne (and other skin issues like psoriasis and rosacea).

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“When your gut is unhappy, so is your skin, and artificial sweeteners make your gut pretty miserable,” Dr. Bowe says.

Find out more (including how the now glowy derm used to be a “fake sugar junkie” who lived on diet iced tea and soda…gasp!) by watching the video, below.

Artificial Sweeteners and Skin

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