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How the Moms of Nutritious Life Are Handling the Coronavirus Craziness


The coronavirus is affecting life everywhere, for everyone. But parents have unique challenges in that many need to balance their full-time jobs on top of now homeschooling their kids—it’s chaos! But here’s how the moms of Nutritious Life are managing.

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Keri Glassman, Founder and CEO

“I’m trying to keep my kids on the same schedule as they’d normally have on a school day. I make them the same breakfast—a smoothie with chocolate protein powder and pb for my son and eggs and salmon and fruit for my daughter—but I’m also trying to take advantage of the time we have together to make more ambitious lunches and dinners, so they can see what goes into a healthy meal.”

Karen Rogers, Chief Operations Officer

“My husband is working from home too, so we’re parenting/teaching in shifts. One of us is in charge of the kids in the morning, then we switch for the afternoon, and then opposite the next day. That way, we each get four to five hours of uninterrupted work each. It’s tough—my kids are five and seven, and they need lots of help with their work, they have short attention spans, need frequent breaks, and so on. It can be frustrating, but we’re trying to stick to a schedule: 

  • 7am – Wake up/coffee/oatmeal; parents work, kids play
  • 8am – Breakfast for kids, get ready for the day, empty dishwasher, etc.
  • 9am – Homeschool/work
  • 11am – Kids play
  • 12pm – Lunch
  • 1pm – Homeschool/work
  • 2pm – Kids play
  • 3pm – Homeschool/work
  • 4pm – Kids play
  • 6pm – Everyone does chores, makes lunches for the next day, has dinner…
  • 7pm-til – Work work work work work…”


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