Smart Snacking Minus the Sugar


The Journal of Public Health Policy estimates big food companies spend up to 10 billion dollars a year in marketing (mostly junk foods).  As you cruise down the aisle of “healthy” snack foods, don’t be fooled by imposters.  Always turn to the ingredient list and food label to investigate whether the product will truly help you look and feel your best.  Ingredients are listed in order of how much is actually in the product, so vegetables, fruits, seeds, etc. should always be at the front of the list.  Also, check for added sugar, which can be listed in many forms, such as corn syrup, dextrose, and evaporated cane juice (clickhere for a complete list).

NLT: We are busy and often eat on the run, but all packaged snacks are not created equal. DITCH THE DUDS! Navitas Naturals Power Snacks are one of our fave on-the-go options. They have no added sugar, are gluten and dairy free, and high in fiber and vitamin C. Whether you are craving something light and fruity or decadently dark, they have a flavor for you (we love Cacao Goji Superfood and Citrus Chia Superfood!). Keep ‘em in your bag and avoid the dreaded vending machines!

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