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Banana Ice Cream

Not to be dramatic, but banana ice cream just might change your life.

When you discover how easy it is to make, with just ONE ingredient, you’ll wonder why you’ve even been bothering with calorie-bomb Ben & Jerry’s so often.

It’s also incredibly versatile. In this recipe, we suggest adding a few peanuts as a topping, but there are a million other ways to change it up and add flavor while keeping it healthy.

Things you can add to the food processor to mix in with the frozen banana: nut butters, dark chocolate sauce, coconut oil, maple syrup, and honey.

Other toppings you can sprinkle on: almonds, cashews, cacao nibs, berries, dried goji berries, and so much more.

The only important thing to remember? Definitely take the time to peel the bananas before you freeze them. It can feel like a time saver to just throw them in there whole, but peeling them after they’re hard is really a miserable task.


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5 minutes

1 Serving


1 banana

1 tablespoon chopped peanuts



Banana Ice Cream
  1. Peel banana, place in freezer safe container and freeze (about 3 hours.)
  2. Once frozen, puree banana in food processor until smooth, place in small bowl and top with chopped peanuts.


This recipe turns a healthy frozen fruit into dessert within seconds, and you can change up the flavors so easily, you won’t get bored making it night after summer night.

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