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Eat Empowered

4 Reasons Why You Have Sugar Cravings

Sugar cravings are the worst. It’s like a little army of meanies grab hold of you and torture you until you feed them jellybeans, right? In this video, my good friend Natalie Jill and I are talking sugar cravings, especially the kind that seem to attack as soon as you’ve finished eating a meal. Clients… Read This Entry »

Sweat Often

Outdoor Workout in the Park

Think you gotta hit the gym to get fit? Think again! My friend Natalie Jill came to visit me in NYC, and she put me through her awesome outdoor workout in the park she calls Upper Body Jiggle Be Gone! I’m not sure what I liked more – the workout or the name 🙂 Outdoor Workout:… Read This Entry »

Eat Empowered

How to Deal With Haters

  My friend Natalie Jill and I sat down to talk about haters. Everyone’s got ’em, nobody wants ’em, but we all have to deal with them. Natalie has over a million Facebook fans, so if anyone knows how to deal with them, it’s her! So if you’ve been trolled on the internet here’s how… Read This Entry »

natalie-jill Live Consciously

How does Natalie Jill Live a Nutritious Life?

    Natalie Jill helps people across the globe reach their health, fitness, and business goals. Natalie left a very successful career in corporate America to follow her passion with health and fitness. As a Licensed Master Sports Nutritionist and functional fitness trainer, Natalie leveraged the power of the internet and in a short amount of time… Read This Entry »