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7 Libido-Boosting Foods for Better Sex

Research has shown all kinds of habits lead to great sex, from regular exercise to simply being nice. But your diet arguably has the biggest effect on how your body functions, so why not add libido-boosting foods to your plate to keep your sex drive happily humming? We’re not just talking about things that put… Read This Entry »

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10 Reasons Why Orgasms are Good for You

Orgasms aren’t something we talk about as often as smoothies here, but let’s face it, they are equally exciting AND healthy. Loving more is part of a nutritious life and I’ve always believed that sex is uber important when it comes to wellness, but did you know there’s a whole lotta science going on under the sheets?!… Read This Entry »

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2 Reasons to Have a Healthy Sex Life

Q: You’re a nutritionist. Why in the world do you talk about sex? A: Having a healthy sex life means different things to different people. So when I ask my clients about theirs, I’ve seen more than a few jaws drop in my days. Why am I digging into this topic? As part of a… Read This Entry »

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Sexercise: Why You NEED to be Doing It

Sexercise. You either just blushed when I said it, or you already have your pants unbuttoned. No judgement either way, but, full disclothesure (ha!), I’m going to try to convince you to get comfy with the concept. I may not be Dr. Ruth, but this I know: A healthy sex life is an important part of living your… Read This Entry »

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8 Tips to Live a Better Life

So you wanna live a better life, do ya? You came to the right place! Today I’m talking about how to live your most Nutritious Life. Learning how to live a healthy life is not all about the food. So many other factors in your life affect your weight and your relationship with food, so it’s important… Read This Entry »

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How to Deal With Haters

  My friend Natalie Jill and I sat down to talk about haters. Everyone’s got ’em, nobody wants ’em, but we all have to deal with them. Natalie has over a million Facebook fans, so if anyone knows how to deal with them, it’s her! So if you’ve been trolled on the internet here’s how… Read This Entry »

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4 Benefits of Sex You Need to Know About

Q: I’ve heard one benefit of sex is weight loss. Is it true? A: I’m an open book, put it all out there kind of person with most things. But I am not a ‘hey peops, let’s chat about sex’ kind of free spirit. Sex is personal and everyone has different boundaries with this topic. However, the… Read This Entry »

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How to Handle Picky Eaters

Q: My kids are picky eaters. How can I get them to eat better? A: Picky eaters cause more stress in my clients than perhaps Halloween candy overload or four holiday parties in one day. One of the biggest frustrations I hear from parents is about slaving over healthy foods only to have their kiddos turn their… Read This Entry »

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How Sex Can Help you Lose Weight

Today I’m talking about why steaming it up between the sheets is good for you and helpful to the fitification (I just made that up) of your body. My goal isn’t to make you blush here. In all honesty, I’m a huge believer in the role of sex, touching and cuddling when it comes to health… Read This Entry »

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Sex and Your Health

  I am an open book, put it all out there kind of person with most things, but I am not a ‘hey peops, let’s chat about sex’ kind of free spirit. Sex is personal and everyone has different boundaries with this topic. Even though it isn’t the most comfortable of all the things I… Read This Entry »

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CAN DO: Vacation every day this week

You have several versions of yourself. Right? There’s the professional you, the goofy you, the college you and the serious you, just to name a few. Probably one of your favorite versions of yourself is vacation you. Vacation you is c-h-i-l-l-a-x-e-d and easygoing. Vacation you doesn’t think about bills to pay, appointments to make and… Read This Entry »

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Feel Great for July 4th

Fireworks: inspiring, exciting, powerful, unusual. We all love the feeling that comes from the sky exploding in celebration. Firework feelings should not be saved for one precious day each year when we celebrate our country’s independence. We all want to feel a bit more excitement and magic these days. Let’s use this July 4th to… Read This Entry »

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Ode to Mom

I loved this so much that I am sharing it again . . . Happy Mother’s Day, Moms! One of the perks of having your own business is that you get to choose (to some extent) the people who you surround yourself with on a daily basis.  I am continually inspired by spending time with… Read This Entry »

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Shake it like a Polaroid picture

When we think of intimacy, we often think of face-to-face interactions, snuggling, and embracing one another. But what if intimacy could extend past these tangible embraces? Studies show that the mind is a powerful tool when it comes to stimulating your sex drive, and sending visually stimulating images has been shown to be beneficial in… Read This Entry »

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Labor of (Self) Love

Some people are really into the New Year’s resolution thing, but I’m not a huge believer in the once a year promises – I try to make small goals for myself and work at them often. While I try to start each year fresh, Labor Day really inspires me to reevaluate what I want from… Read This Entry »

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Sex Improves Your Sense of Smell

Did you know that having sex improves your sense of smell? After sex, there is a surge in the production of the hormone prolactin, which causes your brain’s stem cells to form new neurons in the olfactory bulb, also known as the brain’s smell center. Another fun fact? The preferred scent of your man might… Read This Entry »

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Amp-up Your Happiness with Sultry Summer Reads

50 Shades of Grey is doing for women’s libidos what Dr. Ruth did for sex lives in the 80s by breaking taboos and steaming up bedrooms across the globe. Spicing up your sex quotient with some lady-friendly erotica can lead to more regular romps in the boudoir and greater happiness. Researchers estimate that increasing intercourse… Read This Entry »

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Mother’s Day at Nutritious Life

One of the perks of having your own business is that you get to choose (to some extent) the people who you surround yourself with on a daily basis.  I am continually inspired by spending time with my colleagues, who I am lucky to also call friends.  I have asked some of these great women… Read This Entry »

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Better Sex = Better Sleep?

Trouble sleeping? We all know sex is good for our health, but did you know that getting lucky can actually help you fall asleep? Research shows that the tendency for a person to fall asleep right after sex is associated with a greater desire for bonding and cuddling with their partner. This study also found… Read This Entry »

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Why You Should Have Sex This Valentine’s Day!

As part of a whole person and Nutritious LIFE approach to wellness and weight management, it is often important to look at what is happening between my clients’ sheets. Even though lots of clients raise their eyebrows when intimacy is inquired about, the dirty deets aren’t what I’m after. Scientists have linked feel good hormones… Read This Entry »

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Can you name the last five times you had sex with your partner? Sometimes it takes a special experience to reignite the passion in a relationship. Sex has been proven to relieve stress, boost immunity, burn calories, improve heart health, and help you sleep better.  You’ve cooked together, you’ve worked out together, you’ve danced together… Read This Entry »

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October 2011 Sex Ed

Ever heard the saying, “Couples who play together, stay together”? We believe it to be true, so let the games begin! According to the Co-Director of the University of Denver’s Center for Marital and Family studies, “The correlation between fun and marital happiness is high, and significant…The more you invest in fun and friendship…the happier… Read This Entry »

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September 2011 Sex Ed

What’s the key to a long and lasting relationship? Turns out the answer may be as simple as cuddling! Researchers found that men who frequently kiss or cuddle with their partner are more likely to be happy in their relationship, and that taking time to cuddle and kiss can improve one’s sex life, too. Research… Read This Entry »

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Want to feel sexier? Ditch the lingerie and lace up those sneakers, throw on that sports bra and hit the gym! Research shows that women who exercise not only have increased levels of body satisfaction but also have stronger sexual desires. The hormones released during exercise relieve stress and increase confidence, self-image, and mood, making… Read This Entry »

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8 Pillars of a Nutritious Life

Have you ever wondered what Nutritious Life really is? “Nutritious Life” is a new way of looking at nutrition.  It reaches beyond a good diet and takes a whole person approach to health, wellness and beauty.  We teach people to listen to their bodies and empower them with the support and tools they need to… Read This Entry »

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Camping doesn’t have to be an RV parked at a campground. A real camping getaway can be a romantic weekend that includes a challenging hike, followed by a fireside dinner. Not only is camping a great escape from your busy life, it’s also a perfect time to reunite with your partner under the starry sky… Read This Entry »

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Lighten up, and learn to love yourself! New research shows that people who feel secure in their relationship with their partner have a more satisfactory sex life and are more able to be sensitive in the affection they give. On the flip side, people who are insecure experience more conflict in their sexual desire and… Read This Entry »

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May 2011: Sex Ed

According to studies conducted at the Kinsey Institute, partners who regularly engage in couples activities have a healthier sex life, one that is less likely to become stale or complacent. To keep things spicy, consider including your partner in some of your regular activities; cook together, take an exercise class together or simply run your… Read This Entry »

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March 2011: Sex Ed

“Get lucky” this March now that you have more hours of daylight! Studies show a correlation between sex drive and sunlight. Sunlight increases the production of melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH), which has been linked to an increased sex drive in women. Serotonin is another feel-good neurotransmitter linked to heightened mood and sex drive during the… Read This Entry »

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February 2011: Sex Ed

You have probably heard of Tantric yoga. The ancient practice combines deep spiritual awareness with sexual positions that can help liven up your sex life, and maybe even give you an added workout. It is the month of love after all… The perfect time to try something new. NLT: Combine Tantric yoga with aphrodisiac aromatherapy… Read This Entry »

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Sex Ed (October 2010)

Instead of toiling with ancient recipes to ward off the common cold, heat up your sex life for an extra boost of immunity. A recent study found that women who reported getting down and dirty at least 1-2 times a week had higher levels of the antibody immunoglobulin A, a defender against the common cold…. Read This Entry »

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Sex Ed (September 2010)

Looking to add a little zing to your sex life? Look no further then those oranges filling up your fruit bowl! Oranges are practically synonymous with immune-boosting vitamin C, and full of anti-inflammatory flavanoids. But did you know that these little guys bode well for your sexual health too?! It’s true! According to research conducted… Read This Entry »

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Food For Thought

We’ve all heard about the aphrodisiac powers of oysters but did you know that celery may also help to improve your sex life?! This unsung hero contains a potent ingredient that will leave you unable to resist your guy. Celery causes the release of a hormone called androstenone, which gives men a subtle, but irresistible… Read This Entry »