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The Plant-Based Milk Primer

If the “Got Milk?” campaign ran today, many people would answer that question with a resounding no. But while the white mustache look may have gone out of style, plant-based milks are more popular than ever. RELATED: Why Whole Milk Is Better Than Skim And whatever the reason you’ve decided to ditch dairy—from forgoing FODMAPs… Read This Entry »

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What is Aquafaba?

Q: What is aquafaba? A: Aquafaba may be a new word for you, but it’s definitely not a new food for you. In fact, you’ve probably poured it down the drain as you prepped what you were actually planning on eating for dinner.   Yep, aquafaba is the lovely name given to the liquid that… Read This Entry »

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How does Jordan Younger Live a Nutritious Life?

Jordan Younger is the girl behind top-read health and lifestyle blog The Balanced Blonde. She is also the creator of the health-inspired conscious clothing line TBV Apparel, which now retails internationally. Jordan lives in LA, where she blogs full-time and just released her first book (which we were lucky enough to get our hands on early!),… Read This Entry »