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2 Farro Salad Recipes You NEED in Your Life

Kale salad, check. Three berry fruit salad, check. Cucumber salad, check. Farro salad? Hmmmm. You’re eating clean. Getting in those greens. Drinking your tea. And, chowing down on nuts and avocado. But, you still need a little substance. Something solid as a side dish (or even a main meal) when salmon and spinach alone don’t… Read This Entry »

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2 Reasons to Have a Healthy Sex Life

Q: You’re a nutritionist. Why in the world do you talk about sex? A: Having a healthy sex life means different things to different people. So when I ask my clients about theirs, I’ve seen more than a few jaws drop in my days. Why am I digging into this topic? As part of a… Read This Entry »

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How to Eat Healthy Without Getting Bored

So you either already learned how to eat healthy, or you’re now learning to eat healthy, but you can’t possibly eat another carrot stick or suck down another green juice and don’t even get you started on scrambled egg whites for breakfast Sound familiar? Ever wish you could just invent new foods? It’s something… Read This Entry »

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The Healthiest Bar Food Choices

Bar food and football are like peas and carrots, except not exactly as healthy. Well, not the bar food half anyway. You don‘t have to be a die-hard football fan to enjoy the experience of the sport or the eating that goes along with it. I couldn’t name the (entire) offensive line on the Patriots, but… Read This Entry »

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How to Eat Healthy in College

For those headed to – or back to – college, it can be a nerve wracking time of change. New housing, new friends, new classes . . . new start. Oh, and did I mention new struggles such as dealing with dining? I may not be able to help you decide which sorority to rush or… Read This Entry »

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Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail

  It’s new year’s resolutions time! Again. Sigh. Is your resolution this year the same one you had last year because you kinda fell off the wagon some time in, oh, February? Well, then, my advice to you is to scrap the whole resolutions thing altogether. You heard me right. Scrap ’em. I’m obviously not… Read This Entry »

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New Years Resolutions Start Today

I’ve never been a big fan of new years resolutions. Even though I love that google search histories are dominated by “healthy dinner ideas” and “healthy snacks” and “how to eat healthy” around the new year, by February the healthy eating novelty often wears off and January’s healthy searches are replaced with “weight loss supplements” and… Read This Entry »

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Will Hanukkah Ruin My Diet?

Q: Will indulging during Hanukkah completely ruin my diet? A: People always ask me “how bad is it to eat chocolate every day?” I also hear things like, “I know it’s bad, but I have to have a cookie with my tea in the afternoon.” First, let me just say that it’s actually kind of… Read This Entry »

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3 Ways to Stop Emotional Eating This Holiday Season

Emotional eating is totally a “thing.” Good, bad and otherwise, we’ve all experienced eating to fuel our feelings. Some of us are self-proclaimed stress eaters. I’m thinking about the college students cramming their mouths with chips and M&Ms while they’re cramming for exams. Power eating popcorn during a suspenseful movie also comes to mind. Many of… Read This Entry »

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9 Weight Loss Tips During Thanksgiving

You’re looking for weight loss tips because you want to do Thanksgiving differently this year, right? Usually, you eat until you’re stuffed then fall asleep on the couch and wake up in the 4th quarter of some football game. Oh wait, that’s every man in your family. No, you retreat to a bedroom and pass out in a… Read This Entry »

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How to Eat Healthy at a Holiday Meal

So you wanna learn how to eat healthy so you don’t have to unbutton your pants at the table this year. I get it. It’s almost become an accepted way of life that a huge holiday meal equals planning to stuff yourself, then actually stuffing yourself, then beating yourself up for stuffing yourself. What if this… Read This Entry »

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How to Eat Healthy 5 Times a Day

How to eat healthy once a day is a no brainer. Find something green in a 24 hour period, and eat it. That’s it. Surely, you can do that, right? Well, not so fast. I’ve seen lots of clients that live on an un-healthy diet of carbs and white-ish things, with a side of burger…. Read This Entry »

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3 Quick and Easy Dinner Ideas for Kids

Quick and easy dinner ideas exist. Seriously. Pre-kids dinner ideas involved a glass of red, a nice steak on the grill, and perhaps the leftover fried rice from take out Chinese.  Whatever it was (hopefully it was healthy foods, of course!), it wasn’t stressful. Fast forward to the present and dinner time is just not… Read This Entry »

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Five Common Foods to Lose Weight

Eat foods to lose weight? Yep. Aren’t you tired of NOT eating things you love so you can reach your weight loss goals? I am. The more I think about not eating my favorite chocolate chip cookies, the warm baguette, the salted caramel ice cream or the cheesy lasagna — oh, I could go on… Read This Entry »

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3 Quick and Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

It’s hard enough to figure out what you want for lunch and how to eat healthy, never mind your kids.   The sight of their lunch boxes makes you cringe. The thought of their pickiness, complaints and untouched plates makes your blood boil.   You don’t judge the fast food family (and sometimes secretly wish… Read This Entry »

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Easy Breakfast Ideas for Breakfast Haters

Alright breakfast haters, this one’s for you. I’m determined to make you a breakfast can’t-live-without-er. You don’t need me to tell you to eat a healthy breakfast. You’ve heard it a million times. I’ve told you before that eating a snack or breakfast within an hour of waking up is important to kick start your… Read This Entry »