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5 Easy Ways to Add Turmeric to Your Diet

Turmeric is a champion anti-inflammatory food. How can you harness its powerful, health-promoting strengths? You’ve got to find more ways to add turmeric to your diet. Before we get to those, a quick refresher on why you want to sprinkle this spice everywhere. Turmeric is filled with curcumin, a compound that acts as a powerful… Read This Entry »

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5 Surprising Factors that Affect Metabolism

Metabolism is one of those words many of us throw around without giving much thought to what it means or how it works. What is this elusive concept we blame for being “slow” (as we lounge at the beach instead of hitting the gym)? Put simply, metabolism is the process of converting the food (and… Read This Entry »

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Should You Be Drinking Alkaline Water?

Q: I’ve heard more alkaline water is better for my health. Should I spend the extra money to buy bottled water with higher alkalinity? A:  “Alkaline water” is now everywhere. Many companies print the pH level on the bottle and then claim that their water—and theirs alone—will change your life (at a price premium). My… Read This Entry »

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Should You Drink Water During Meals?

Q: I’ve heard it’s a bad idea to drink water during meals, but I know hydration is important overall. What’s your position? A: Hydration is one of my favorite topics, and I encourage you to be sipping on H2O 24-7—that includes water during meals. The rumor that you should skip fluids while you eat comes… Read This Entry »

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7 Healthy Coffee Boosters to Use Instead of Sugar

If you’re cutting back on sugar and aren’t crazy about the alternatives, these healthy coffee boosters can help. Instead of sweetness, each option adds flavor and health benefits to your morning brew in a unique way. Maybe you crave creaminess and healthy fats in the AM? Or would prefer your java come with a little… Read This Entry »

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The Formula for Healthy Smoothie Recipes

People are always asking me for healthy smoothie recipes. And of course, there are MILLIONS of combinations you can throw together with whatever you have in your kitchen at the time, and there are so many delicious recipes out there to try! But I have a go to formula that is perfect for adjusting to… Read This Entry »

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The Fastest Way to Lose Weight This Week

You’re searching high and low for the fastest way to lose weight this week. You’re in a panic. You’re stressing. You’re kicking yourself for eating pizza over the weekend and missing your Sunday morning hot yoga class because you were hungover.   Whether it’s for a date with the hot new guy at the office… Read This Entry »

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No Fail Ways to Become a Green Juice Pro

  So many people assume green juice is not for them. They claim they don’t like vegetables. They fear it won’t be yummy. The color is off-putting. Sipping something you normally use a fork for is just…weird. And die hard green juicers seem nutritionally elite, right? Willing to compromise their taste buds in the name… Read This Entry »

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9 Effortless Red, White, and Blue 4th of July Recipes

4th of July recipes are special. Just ask Pinterest. It’s one of the few times a year that no matter your culinary skills, you’re bringing something somewhere or serving something somewhere because festivities are everywhere. And if that something is red, white, and blue, you get MAJOR cool points from pretty much all of America…. Read This Entry »

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NA Challenge: Drink Water (64 Ounces!) Every Day

We want to follow your drinking progress! Don’t forget to #NutritiousAbundance #DrinkUp and tag @keriglassman so we can check out what you are drinking! Ahhh….water!  Your body is about 60% water.  Yes, this means your skin, muscles, and brain are mostly water, making proper hydration key to a healthy body.  Good ol’ H2O is the… Read This Entry »

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How to Lose Weight With One Simple Change

I’m going to tell you how to lose weight, but we aren’t gonna talk about what you eat. Well, not yet, anyway. We’re gonna talk about what you drink. Beverage sales are through the roof all over the country. You see a coffee drink in every hand on your commute daily, energy drinks fuel a decent portion of… Read This Entry »

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Activated Charcoal: Should We Be Chugging It?

  by Molly Rieger, RD, NLC and Leah Silberman, MS, RD, NLC Activated charcoal seems to be the latest fad in the juice world. This “black magic” is being marketed as a powerful agent that helps you detox, fights bloat, whitens teeth, aids in digestion, and maybe even cures hangovers.  But before jumping on the charcoal… Read This Entry »

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How to Stop Bloating in 5 Easy Steps

Are you waking up feeling a little puffy? Do you need pliers to pull your rings off and an extra strength shoe horn to squeeze your feet into your new heels? Besides your waistline, you may notice a little bloat in your face, neck, fingers and ankles. You are retaining a layer of water just underneath… Read This Entry »

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3 Summer Cocktails You Need in Your Hand

Summer screams for a cold one at the ball game, a glass of rose al fresco and sexy summer cocktails on the rooftop. By this time in the season, you’ve probably found a cocktail in your hand more than once or twice (or multiply that by the number that makes sense for you) and you’re… Read This Entry »