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This Former Junk Food is Now a High-Protein Snack

Here’s a phrase that might sound like an oxymoron: healthy beef jerky. Traditionally, gas station jerkies like Slim Jims were straight-up junk food (not gonna lie…I had a weakness for these in my younger days!). They cured cheap meat with nitrates and nitrites (classified as “probably carcinogenic to humans” by the International Agency for Research… Read This Entry »

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The 5 Healthiest Protein Bars

Protein bars are everywhere, calling out to you from next to the cash register at every deli, cafe, and drugstore. The healthiest protein bars, however, are much harder to find. In fact, most options are just plain bad for your body. They contain more sugar (in multiple forms!) than protein, and the protein is low-quality… Read This Entry »

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The Busy Parent’s Guide to Healthy Snacks

When the kids come home from school, more often than not, they’re hungry and scavenging the kitchen for a quick snack. What’s a busy mom (or dad) to do? You need easy, interesting, healthy, and fast go-to’s…like a guide to healthy snacks! When it comes to snack time, especially for kids who may eat small… Read This Entry »

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3 Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

  Today I’m talking about one of my absolute fave topics. Drumroll please… snacking! Lunch was at noon. It’s now 3pm and you’re starving, and dinner isn’t until 6pm. But you promised yourself you’d avoid the vending machine today and you don’t want to blow it. Well, you can check those “guilty” feelings around having… Read This Entry »

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12 Awesome Healthy Snacks On The Go

Healthy snacks are hard enough to pack as part of your normal routine, so when it comes to traveling, packing them can be more stressful than deciding between wedges or flats. You’ve heard it a thousand times: Be prepared, pack smart, snack smart, blah blah blah. But there’s more to life than boring snacks! I’ve… Read This Entry »

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2 Farro Salad Recipes You NEED in Your Life

Kale salad, check. Three berry fruit salad, check. Cucumber salad, check. Farro salad? Hmmmm. You’re eating clean. Getting in those greens. Drinking your tea. And, chowing down on nuts and avocado. But, you still need a little substance. Something solid as a side dish (or even a main meal) when salmon and spinach alone don’t… Read This Entry »

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How to Eat Healthy Without Getting Bored

So you either already learned how to eat healthy, or you’re now learning to eat healthy, but you can’t possibly eat another carrot stick or suck down another green juice and don’t even get you started on scrambled egg whites for breakfast Sound familiar? Ever wish you could just invent new foods? It’s something… Read This Entry »

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The Healthiest Bar Food Choices

Bar food and football are like peas and carrots, except not exactly as healthy. Well, not the bar food half anyway. You don‘t have to be a die-hard football fan to enjoy the experience of the sport or the eating that goes along with it. I couldn’t name the (entire) offensive line on the Patriots, but… Read This Entry »

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Outdoor Workout in the Park

Think you gotta hit the gym to get fit? Think again! My friend Natalie Jill came to visit me in NYC, and she put me through her awesome outdoor workout in the park she calls Upper Body Jiggle Be Gone! I’m not sure what I liked more – the workout or the name 🙂 Outdoor Workout:… Read This Entry »

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How to Eat Healthy in College

For those headed to – or back to – college, it can be a nerve wracking time of change. New housing, new friends, new classes . . . new start. Oh, and did I mention new struggles such as dealing with dining? I may not be able to help you decide which sorority to rush or… Read This Entry »

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3 Reasons Why I Love Fat

Fat doesn’t make you fat! I promise! Fat is your friend. Not your enemy. But I still get questions alllll the time about this. Is this too much avocado? Is it ok to eat peanut butter? Over consuming anything in general will make us fat. But when you control the amount of food you are… Read This Entry »


New Years Resolutions Start Today

I’ve never been a big fan of new years resolutions. Even though I love that google search histories are dominated by “healthy dinner ideas” and “healthy snacks” and “how to eat healthy” around the new year, by February the healthy eating novelty often wears off and January’s healthy searches are replaced with “weight loss supplements” and… Read This Entry »

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How to Lose Weight With One Simple Change

I’m going to tell you how to lose weight, but we aren’t gonna talk about what you eat. Well, not yet, anyway. We’re gonna talk about what you drink. Beverage sales are through the roof all over the country. You see a coffee drink in every hand on your commute daily, energy drinks fuel a decent portion of… Read This Entry »

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How to Boost Your Immune System with Food

  You’re on your third cold of the season, you’ve used up all your sick days, you’ve single handedly kept cough medicine and tissue companies in business, and you’re dying for someone to tell you how to boost your immune system because it’s seriously letting you down. Well, no wonder you’re sick all the time!… Read This Entry »

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4 Ways to Fight Winter Skin With Food

  Winter skin is upon us, and I just heard a collective sigh. Cozy sweaters, colorful scarves, fuzzy earmuffs—all things we love when the temperature drops outside. But flaky skin, scaly patches, and itchy itches are the things nobody loves that come with the territory. Rather than succumbing to winter’s wrath, I want you to combat… Read This Entry »

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Will Hanukkah Ruin My Diet?

Q: Will indulging during Hanukkah completely ruin my diet? A: People always ask me “how bad is it to eat chocolate every day?” I also hear things like, “I know it’s bad, but I have to have a cookie with my tea in the afternoon.” First, let me just say that it’s actually kind of… Read This Entry »

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9 Weight Loss Tips During Thanksgiving

You’re looking for weight loss tips because you want to do Thanksgiving differently this year, right? Usually, you eat until you’re stuffed then fall asleep on the couch and wake up in the 4th quarter of some football game. Oh wait, that’s every man in your family. No, you retreat to a bedroom and pass out in a… Read This Entry »

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12 Apple Recipes After Apple Picking

You’re scouring the internet for apple recipes, because silly you got a little overzealous on your apple picking adventure, right? Totally been there. I mean, it’s nearly impossible to leave that place with just one tiny tote, right? You planned your day, drove the 40 minutes to get there, frolicked down the rows of trees in your… Read This Entry »

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How to Eat Healthy 5 Times a Day

How to eat healthy once a day is a no brainer. Find something green in a 24 hour period, and eat it. That’s it. Surely, you can do that, right? Well, not so fast. I’ve seen lots of clients that live on an un-healthy diet of carbs and white-ish things, with a side of burger…. Read This Entry »

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5 New Yogurt Recipes You Will Love

Yogurt recipes aren’t an actual thing for most people. Usually, the recipe is “buy a yogurt” and the directions are “open the yogurt and eat it.” And that’s a beautiful thing when you need a quick healthy breakfast or some portable healthy snacks. The problem is that not everyone buys a plain Greek yogurt. They usually… Read This Entry »

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Five Common Foods to Lose Weight

Eat foods to lose weight? Yep. Aren’t you tired of NOT eating things you love so you can reach your weight loss goals? I am. The more I think about not eating my favorite chocolate chip cookies, the warm baguette, the salted caramel ice cream or the cheesy lasagna — oh, I could go on… Read This Entry »

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3 Quick and Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

It’s hard enough to figure out what you want for lunch and how to eat healthy, never mind your kids.   The sight of their lunch boxes makes you cringe. The thought of their pickiness, complaints and untouched plates makes your blood boil.   You don’t judge the fast food family (and sometimes secretly wish… Read This Entry »

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Healthy Snacks For Kids

“I’m bored of this chicken!” “An apple again mom?” Meal time, snack time, pretty much food time can be a challenge for us moms. It’s hard enough to get our kids to eat sometimes… we all know picky eaters… let alone eat wholesome foods we, as moms, feel good about fueling them with. Snacking, especially… Read This Entry »

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10 Awesome Pre- and Post-Workout Snacks

You’ve got your Lululemon gear on, hair in a pony, you’re ready to lace up and get your sweat on. But there’s one problem: you’re starving. The carrot kale salad topped with grilled salmon you had for lunch is a distant memory. You’ve been in this story a zillion times, so you know how this… Read This Entry »