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Pineapple Cucumber Lime Salad

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10 minutes

6 Servings

Who knows where the idea came from to put cucumber and pineapple in the same bowl. It’s sort of a strange combination, but we’re really glad we discovered it.

Both ingredients are light and hydrating, making this a simple summer salad both your taste buds and your body will love.

It looks particularly pretty on a plate alongside grilled fish or fish tacos.

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (21 votes, average: 3.57 out of 5)

10 minutes

6 Servings


1 pineapple, chopped

1 cucumber, chopped

1 lime, juiced

1/4 cup fresh mint, chopped



Pineapple Cucumber Lime Salad
  1. Combine pineapple and cucumber into a large bowl.
  2. Mix in fresh lime juice.
  3. Sprinkle mint over, and toss to combine.


You can throw this simple, four-ingredient salad together in just a couple of minutes, but its zesty, tropical flavor suggests a much more sophisticated chef. And its nutrient profile is perfect for beach weather, too: cucumbers are super hydrating, and pineapple banishes bloating.

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