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water-during-meals-x-340x340-340x340-x Drink Up

Should You Drink Water During Meals?

Q: I’ve heard it’s a bad idea to drink water during meals, but I know hydration is important overall. What’s your position? A: Hydration is one of my favorite topics, and I encourage you to be sipping on H2O 24-7—that includes water during meals. The rumor that you should skip fluids while you eat comes… Read This Entry »

bad words Eat Empowered

Why Bad Words Can Make You Fat

Sayings like – “having willpower”, “eating in moderation”, and “guilt free,” are thrown around all of the time. They’re generally thought to help you – to guide you in the right direction when it comes to eating healthy. But rather than empowering, inspiring, and helping you achieve your health goals, what if I told you… Read This Entry »

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Why Eating Lean Protein Helps You Lose Weight

Q: Why does lean protein help me lose weight? A: Just like you need carbohydrates and fat, you also need protein in order to live. When you think protein think building–you need it to build muscles (and skin and hair), build hormones and enzymes, and even build antibodies for a healthy immune system. Protein is used in… Read This Entry »

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How to Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau

How rewarding is it when you set out to lose weight and it actually works?! In the beginning, you set your mind to it and the weight started to come off.  At first the weight dropped off steadily, and then there probably was a little weight loss plateau, but then you felt better than you… Read This Entry »

Healthy-Snacks-for-Weight-Loss-x Eat Empowered

3 Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

    Today I’m talking about one of my absolute fave topics. Drumroll please… snacking!   Lunch was at noon. It’s now 3pm and you’re starving, and dinner isn’t until 6pm. But you promised yourself you’d avoid the vending machine today and you don’t want to blow it.   Well, you can check those “guilty”… Read This Entry »

sex to lose weight Love More

How Sex Can Help you Lose Weight

Today I’m talking about why steaming it up between the sheets is good for you and helpful to the fitification (I just made that up) of your body. My goal isn’t to make you blush here. In all honesty, I’m a huge believer in the role of sex, touching and cuddling when it comes to health… Read This Entry »

Boxing Sweat Often

Fight the Weight Loss Plateau!

If you have been in an indoor exercise rut, the warm March temps aren’t the only thing that should give you a kick in the behind to get out of it. Research suggests that your body becomes accustomed to your workout, often causing a weight loss plateau. To combat this, keep your body challenged with… Read This Entry »