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4 Reasons Why You Have Sugar Cravings

Sugar cravings are the worst. It’s like a little army of meanies grab hold of you and torture you until you feed them jellybeans, right? In this video, my good friend Natalie Jill and I are talking sugar cravings, especially the kind that seem to attack as soon as you’ve finished eating a meal. Clients… Read This Entry »

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3 Nutritionist Approved Halloween Treats

So many of us who are trying to eat well find Halloween to be as haunted as that house on the hill. Everyone uses different techniques to avoid downing an entire bag of miniature Halloween treats in one sitting or stealing – or, perhaps, permanently borrowing – their kids’ bounty of sugary deliciousness.   But, as admirable as it may seem… Read This Entry »

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Stevia: yay or nay?

Do the green leaf and the word “natural” on the box of Stevia at the supermarket make you wonder if Stevia should be on your shelf? Is it any better than aspartame or sucralose? Are you picking up a pack of gum, a bottle of tea or a container of soy sauce and wondering what’s… Read This Entry »