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Diets Decoded: The Mediterranean Diet

Is the Mediterranean Diet healthy? We’re going to let you in on a little secret. Most popular healthy diets that are touted for weight loss—from Paleo to Mediterranean and vegetarian—share many of the same basic principles. All involve eating whole foods (as opposed to packaged and processed) and filling your plate with quality sources of… Read This Entry »

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What You Need to Know About Olive Oil

You’ve heard it time and again—olive oil is good for YOU!  But, did you know that extra virgin olive oil has the most anti-inflammatory benefits? EVOO comes from the first press of the olives (other grades of olive oil come from the second round of pressing). This means that EVOO has a higher concentration of… Read This Entry »

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September 2011 Pamper Thyself

While your mind and body may have enjoyed a restful summer in the sun, harsh rays, chlorine and salt water may have left your hair feeling dull and dry. Polyphenols found in olive oil can be directly absorbed through the skin. These antioxidants increase the skin’s (and scalp’s) ability to absorb moisture, which means healthier,… Read This Entry »