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weight-loss-plateau Stress Less

How to Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau

How rewarding is it when you set out to lose weight and it actually works?! In the beginning, you set your mind to it and the weight started to come off.  At first the weight dropped off steadily, and then there probably was a little weight loss plateau, but then you felt better than you… Read This Entry »

Eat Empowered

3 Reasons Why I Love Fat

Fat doesn’t make you fat! I promise! Fat is your friend. Not your enemy. But I still get questions alllll the time about this. Is this too much avocado? Is it ok to eat peanut butter? Over consuming anything in general will make us fat. But when you control the amount of food you are… Read This Entry »

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Five Common Foods to Lose Weight

Eat foods to lose weight? Yep. Aren’t you tired of NOT eating things you love so you can reach your weight loss goals? I am. The more I think about not eating my favorite chocolate chip cookies, the warm baguette, the salted caramel ice cream or the cheesy lasagna — oh, I could go on… Read This Entry »

negative-calorie-food Eat Empowered

Do Negative Calorie Foods Really Exist?

Wouldn’t it be nice to eat as much as you wanted of certain foods and lose weight just from eating them?! Ummmm, yes! Before I break down whether these miracle goodies actually exist, let me give you a little background.   What is the negative calorie foods theory?   The negative calorie food theory is… Read This Entry »