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There’s a Difference Between Exercise and Movement—and It Matters

“We don’t understand the difference between exercise and movement,” explains Katy Bowman, a whip-smart biomechanist based in Washington state who’s made changing that fact her personal mission. Bowman’s company Nutritious Movement (great minds!) and books—like Movement Matters, Move Your DNA, and Don’t Just Sit There—all take aim at the problems of living a sedentary lifestyle…. Read This Entry »

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Sexercise: Why You NEED to be Doing It

Sexercise. You either just blushed when I said it, or you already have your pants unbuttoned. No judgement either way, but, full disclothesure (ha!), I’m going to try to convince you to get comfy with the concept. I may not be Dr. Ruth, but this I know: A healthy sex life is an important part of living your… Read This Entry »

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9 Weight Loss Tips During Thanksgiving

You’re looking for weight loss tips because you want to do Thanksgiving differently this year, right? Usually, you eat until you’re stuffed then fall asleep on the couch and wake up in the 4th quarter of some football game. Oh wait, that’s every man in your family. No, you retreat to a bedroom and pass out in a… Read This Entry »

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CAN DO: love your abs

Every #MotivationMonday I’m challenging you to bring out a slightly better version of YOU…by Friday. This week I’m bringing about a better you from your core. Yes, you can love your belly button’s home. In order to show off your sexy six-pack, you need to eat the lean and clean type of diet I’ve been… Read This Entry »

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Exercise at All Ages

I was watching a baby the other day. I noticed the little thing never stopped moving. His body was in constant motion. There was continuous twitching, wiggling and spontaneous spasms of fingers, knees, feet and face. I honestly don’t think I move as much in a whole day as that baby did in a 15… Read This Entry »

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No More Beach Bummin’!

Does going on vacation mean time away from home and your healthy, active lifestyle? In a recent TripAdvisor study, 81% of vacationers admitted they are more likely to overindulge on vacation, and 34% said they often gain weight. Although many people are truly beach bums during their getaways, there are still some people who stick… Read This Entry »

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Row, Row, Row Yourself Slim!

When someone says cardio, do you think treadmill, bike, elliptical?  The word on the fitness street is that rowing is the new “it” cardio. You may have seen this contraption (known as an ergometer) sitting in the corner of your  gym, and never really thought twice about it, or really how it could possibly give you a good… Read This Entry »

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Fitness Guru by Phone

Statistics show more than 75% of people take their vacation during the summer months.  Though vacations are meant to be relaxing, they often throw us off schedule and can make it harder to stick to our nutrition and fitness routine.  As you make travel plans be sure to include exercise so that you can stay… Read This Entry »

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Want to feel sexier? Ditch the lingerie and lace up those sneakers, throw on that sports bra and hit the gym! Research shows that women who exercise not only have increased levels of body satisfaction but also have stronger sexual desires. The hormones released during exercise relieve stress and increase confidence, self-image, and mood, making… Read This Entry »

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It’s time to hit the beach! As the summer sun glows, it seems we are all flocking to the sandy shores for some much needed relief. With so much time spent on the sand and in the ocean this month, why not turn beach time into gym time? Ever tried jogging on the sand? It’s… Read This Entry »

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Good news: staying in bed longer can actually keep the weight off!  Here’s proof: As Dr. James Maas writes in “Sleep for Success,” Cornell researchers found that with every additional hour of sleep, a child’s risk of obesity decreases by 9 percent!  Multiple studies found that lack of sleep is inversely related to diabetes, weight… Read This Entry »