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How to Do No-Impact Cardio Like a Ballerina

What the heck is ballet cardio? It’s one simplified way Jillian Dreusike explains her fitness method, Allongee, which she created as an undergraduate student (and dancer!) in Philadelphia. The workout is now popular in Philly, and there are also pop-up classes in New York City (with an eye toward expansion there). “We tend to call… Read This Entry »

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5 Expert Trainer Tips You’ve Never Heard Before

If you’re paying attention, expert trainer tips (like all wellness tips!) can start to sound like a broken record. Lift heavier. Drink more water. Protein, protein, protein. All of which, of course, is great advice. But you’re a smart, wellness-savvy human, and you’ve heard it all before. Thankfully, in the course of interviewing top fitness… Read This Entry »

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4 Fun, Easy Ways to Take Your Workout Outside

By Taylor Walker, NLC As a trainer and fitness model in Miami, I know a little bit about sun, fun and long summer days, and I absolutely love taking advantage of outdoor workouts. Did you know that being in nature has been scientifically proven to boost both your mental and physical well-being? An open-air sweat… Read This Entry »

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Why You Should Add LISS Cardio to Your Workout Routine Now

By Cassie Piasecki, NLC Log onto your Instagram account, and you’ll see one #KillerWorkout after another. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), CrossFit, Survivor Spin Classes, boxing…these super sweaty, heart-pumping, make-my-legs-shake workouts are effective and addictive. As much as I love those workouts, they’re not for everyone. Going from, “I need to start moving my body”… Read This Entry »

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Why Your Pelvic Floor Needs Strengthening NOW

  By Cassie Piasecki, NLC Do you remember your mom telling you not to make her laugh because she’ll pee her pants?  Chances are she spoke to someone about that, and they told her to do Kegels. Doing Kegel exercises are the cookbook recipe that doctors prescribe when a patient complains of “peeing a little”… Read This Entry »

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Should You Exercise With a Cold?

By Cassie Piasecki, NLC You’ve been kicking booty at the gym and are finally in the habit of daily exercise when ka-BOOM, you wake up with a sore throat and a stuffy nose.   You feel deflated because you were finally starting to see the results of your hard work. You sit on the edge… Read This Entry »

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How to Stretch After a Workout

I know I’m not alone when I say that I fall short (big time) when it comes to taking time to stretch before and after a workout. In a group fitness class, I’m thankfully forced to stretch. Although, I’d be lying if I said I never snuck out early. When it comes to a run,… Read This Entry »

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3 Tips to Jog Your Muscle Memory

You forget what you wrote on your grocery list this morning, and you forgot to take the list with you to the store. You remember the words to that song from your senior year of high school when you skipped school to sunbathe, but you can’t remember who sang it. You remembered to grab your phone off… Read This Entry »

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9 Ways to Workout at Home

Exercising among hundreds of sweaty gym goers just isn’t for everyone. If you don’t enjoy squeezing yourself into a corner of a room for a class or sweating taking the chance of sweating it up next to a man who smells like garlic then going to a health club to get your fit on just may… Read This Entry »

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Outdoor Workout in the Park

Think you gotta hit the gym to get fit? Think again! My friend Natalie Jill came to visit me in NYC, and she put me through her awesome outdoor workout in the park she calls Upper Body Jiggle Be Gone! I’m not sure what I liked more – the workout or the name 🙂 Outdoor Workout:… Read This Entry »

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10 Awesome Pre- and Post-Workout Snacks

You’ve got your Lululemon gear on, hair in a pony, you’re ready to lace up and get your sweat on. But there’s one problem: you’re starving. The carrot kale salad topped with grilled salmon you had for lunch is a distant memory. You’ve been in this story a zillion times, so you know how this… Read This Entry »

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Guest Blog: How to Cleanse with Food and Yoga

By Danielle Diamond, NLC If you’ve spent these last few weeks of winter hiding under thick wool sweaters and  indulging in your favorite foods, then you aren’t alone in feeling warm…and, well, maybe a little heavier than you’d like to be. And if you overdid it to the point of messing with your digestion, and are dreading the… Read This Entry »

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CAN DO: box jump challenge

Every #MotivationMonday I’m challenging you to bring out a slightly better version of YOU…by Friday. [Tweet This] This week we’re breaking out some plyometrics in a little vertical challenge. How many box jumps can you do in a minute on Monday? I dare you to practice every day to get that number up by Friday!… Read This Entry »

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CAN DO: love your abs

Every #MotivationMonday I’m challenging you to bring out a slightly better version of YOU…by Friday. This week I’m bringing about a better you from your core. Yes, you can love your belly button’s home. In order to show off your sexy six-pack, you need to eat the lean and clean type of diet I’ve been… Read This Entry »

Strength training

CAN DO: Push up challenge

Every #MotivationMonday I’m challenging you to bring out a slightly better version of YOU…by Friday. How, you ask, are you going to accomplish that? Easy peasy. We all have inner warriors that get covered up with work, parenting and crazy lives. Give me 60 seconds for 5 consecutive days and I’ll prove to you that… Read This Entry »

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Rockin’ Rules for Strapless Arms

Without batting an eye, most women can tell you where they feel their “problem area” is. Who needs all that negativity? Let’s stop being frustrated with that one area for a while and focus on a body part that will respond beautifully to your hard work and shift your perspective in a more positive direction…. Read This Entry »

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A Brisk run, anyone?

As the summer months and hot temperatures slip further and further away, so too do our desires to go for a run around the reservoir, or stroll around the neighborhood. Many of us move our daily exercise routines indoors because we are too afraid to bear the cold. If the most recent weather is any… Read This Entry »