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The Healthy Sunscreens Beauty Experts Actually Use

Sunscreen is a non-negotiable part of a healthy lifestyle, but choosing healthy sunscreens can be tricky. Maybe you’re concerned about chemical ingredients like oxybenzone, but then every time you buy something labeled “natural” you end up looking like someone colored your body with chalk (great beach look, obviously). The Environmental Working Group (EWG) provides an… Read This Entry »

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10 Smart, Healthy Ways to Lose 10 Pounds

We don’t talk about weight loss often. Instead, we embrace the idea that if you live a well-rounded nutritious life 24-7, a healthy weight will naturally follow. But no matter the approach we preach, everyone wants to know how to lose ten pounds. Look, we get it. Maybe you had a particularly stressful month, leading… Read This Entry »

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The Fastest Way to Lose Weight This Week

You’re searching high and low for the fastest way to lose weight this week. You’re in a panic. You’re stressing. You’re kicking yourself for eating pizza over the weekend and missing your Sunday morning hot yoga class because you were hungover.   Whether it’s for a date with the hot new guy at the office… Read This Entry »

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How to Be Healthy On a 3 Day Weekend

Three day weekends. They’re all about your favorite F words: friends, family, food, and fun. You know the drill. But it’s amazing how an extra 24 hours makes it so easy to overdo everything and turn what could’ve been a chance to press the reset button on your life into a hangover-filled, sleep-deprived, food-coma weekend…. Read This Entry »

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7 Nutrients You Need for Healthy Hair

Healthy hair is more coveted than the perfect pair of jeans but sometimes more elusive than the perfect avocado. While we don’t all hate the Pantene lady for being beautiful, we do have a little ounce of envy at what happens when she swings her mane around in slo mo. Why? Because when we swing our dry, brittle, over-processed, or just generally… Read This Entry »

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4 Ways to Fight Winter Skin With Food

  Winter skin is upon us, and I just heard a collective sigh. Cozy sweaters, colorful scarves, fuzzy earmuffs—all things we love when the temperature drops outside. But flaky skin, scaly patches, and itchy itches are the things nobody loves that come with the territory. Rather than succumbing to winter’s wrath, I want you to combat… Read This Entry »

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Guest Blog: What Are Essential Oils?

by Ronni Pitiger, NLC So exactly what are essential oils and why is everyone talking about them? Well, I’ll tell you. I used to think of essential oils as something that would evoke the woodstock generation, but there is so much more to discuss than your love or hate of the smell of patchouli.  … Read This Entry »

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5 Beauty-Boosting Foods for Healthy Hair

We all want hair that could land us on a Pantene commercial. Looking good feels good and feeling good makes you look pretty fantastic.  Don’t hate you because you’re beautiful? Sorry, good lookin,’ haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate hate… But the latest-greatest-awesomest-best lists are constantly changing, right? From dry shampoo to ionic stylers to… Read This Entry »

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How Does Michele Promaulayko Live a Nutritious Life?

Michele Promaulayko is the Editor-in-Chief of Yahoo Health, a new digital magazine offering the latest need-to-know news and expert advice on health, fitness, nutrition, and wellness topics.  Previously,  she was for six years the Vice President/Editor-in-Chief of Women’s Health.  I have known Michele for seven years. First, as a colleague.  Then as a colleague and… Read This Entry »


Feel Great for July 4th

Fireworks: inspiring, exciting, powerful, unusual. We all love the feeling that comes from the sky exploding in celebration. Firework feelings should not be saved for one precious day each year when we celebrate our country’s independence. We all want to feel a bit more excitement and magic these days. Let’s use this July 4th to… Read This Entry »


Halloween the Healthy Way

Boo! Scary things are going to happen if you eat a pillow-case bag filled with Halloween candy, like you did when you were a kid. The kid-version of you may have been able to handle a ton of candy without paying the price on the scale, but the adult version of you will not be… Read This Entry »

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Catwalk Worthy Locks

Your mane can be your best accessory, or it can be a true fashion faux pas. Coifed short, or in long tresses, nothing is more gorgeous than healthy hair to really compliment your look. Salty beach hair or long winter tresses, hair is always in fashion. I’m sometimes guilty of rockin’ frizzy or dry hair,… Read This Entry »

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Labor of (Self) Love

Some people are really into the New Year’s resolution thing, but I’m not a huge believer in the once a year promises – I try to make small goals for myself and work at them often. While I try to start each year fresh, Labor Day really inspires me to reevaluate what I want from… Read This Entry »

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Hair Removal Au Natural

When you’re relaxing at the beach, the last thing you you want to worry about is embarrassing body hair. Studies confirm that removing unwanted body hair is a true pre-beach routine for many.  In fact, women and an increasing number of men spend millions on this ritual each year.  In an effort to save a… Read This Entry »

Live Consciously

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2012

Wondering what to get Dad for Father’s Day? It’s that time of year again, so we went straight to an expert to school us on the best gifts of 2012 for Dads, DaDas, and Daddies. Melissa Meyers, Founder of PageDaily, compiled her faves, and there is something for every type of Dad from sporty to… Read This Entry »

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Mother’s Day at Nutritious Life

One of the perks of having your own business is that you get to choose (to some extent) the people who you surround yourself with on a daily basis.  I am continually inspired by spending time with my colleagues, who I am lucky to also call friends.  I have asked some of these great women… Read This Entry »

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Get your Nails Ready for Spring!

Nothing says spring like bright, short nails! Choose a nail salon where equipment is sterilized, and make sure to wash your hands between cutting and polishing. Even better, bring your own set of tools to the salon, for your tips and toes only! Studies show that long nails are closely associated with lingering bacteria on… Read This Entry »

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Pampering Others

‘Tis the season of giving thanks and reflecting on everything that we are grateful for.  This month, how about pampering thyself by pampering others? Research shows that we get a huge boost by helping others in need, so go get a smile on your face and donate, volunteer, and make your purchases from a company that… Read This Entry »

Nurture Yourself

October 2011 Pamper Thyself

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month, and chances are you know somebody who has been affected by this terrible disease. Research shows that 1 in 8 women in the U.S. will develop invasive breast cancer in her lifetime. This month, we ask that you pamper yourself or encourage someone you love to pamper herself… Read This Entry »

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September 2011 Pamper Thyself

While your mind and body may have enjoyed a restful summer in the sun, harsh rays, chlorine and salt water may have left your hair feeling dull and dry. Polyphenols found in olive oil can be directly absorbed through the skin. These antioxidants increase the skin’s (and scalp’s) ability to absorb moisture, which means healthier,… Read This Entry »

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While we all love to be bronzed and beautiful in the summer, all that time in the hot summer sun can leave you and your skin looking exhausted. Months of extra sunscreen application, while extremely important for blocking harmful UV rays, can wreak havoc on your skin. So give yourself a little extra TLC this… Read This Entry »

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8 Pillars of a Nutritious Life

Have you ever wondered what Nutritious Life really is? “Nutritious Life” is a new way of looking at nutrition.  It reaches beyond a good diet and takes a whole person approach to health, wellness and beauty.  We teach people to listen to their bodies and empower them with the support and tools they need to… Read This Entry »

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While you should never forget to reward yourself, this month why not show that special someone, or something, in your life you care? No, we’re not talking about your significant other; we’re talking about your furry four-legged friend–your dog! The physical and emotional benefits of having a dog are countless. Dogs can help reduce stress… Read This Entry »

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Grays be gone! Hair dye has been a symbol of female youth for decades, so naturally we’re looking for the most modern approach to an old must-have. Research now shows that calcium found in yogurt might be the key to luscious locks, and this new hair dye is taking a hint. Yo Color hair dye… Read This Entry »

Nurture Yourself

May 2011: Pamper Thyself

May 8th is Mother’s Day and while there are so many wonderful ways to celebrate the lovely lady, consider the timeless joy of flowers. A Rutgers Study showed the positive effects flowers have on mood, fostering a sense of intimacy and friendship between the giver and the recipient. What’s surprising is that these positive, uplifting… Read This Entry »

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March 2011: Pamper Thyself

We believe to live a Nutritious Life, you need to have your food and eat it, too! You can eat foods for beauty AND you can apply them topically. We know we should always eat antioxidants to minimize and prevent wrinkles, but we can also reduce the deterioration of the skin’s vital components like collagen… Read This Entry »

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February 2011: Pamper Thyself

Somewhere in between juggling your job, fighting the flu, or getting the kids to after school activities, you’ve forgotten to give yourself (and your partner) attention. It’s time for you to get cozy and enjoy well deserved foot massages which increase circulation and bring joints oxygen-rich blood needed to help relieve tension. NLT: Keep those… Read This Entry »

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Pamper Thyself (October 2010)

As you begin to embrace the crisp fall air, combat dry skin before it starts! Skin looses 25% more water at night than during the day, due to metabolic activity taking place underneath the surface while we’re asleep. Add the change in weather and windy days to the equation and your skin regimen will likely… Read This Entry »

Nurture Yourself

Pamper Thyself (September 2010)

Nowadays it’s easy to forget to take care of the most important person in your life – you! If you’re a fan of playing with your food like we are, why not try whipping up some homemade beauty products? Plus, it’s a cost-effective and healthy alternative to buying manufactured cosmetics! Despite potentially harmful effects of synthetic… Read This Entry »

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Spa Week!

Last night I attended the Spa Week Internet Retreat + Cocktail Party! It was a fun night of massages, acupuncture, rooftop meditation, refreshing cocktails! During the event, I had the chance to speak about being your most healthy, energetic, stress free and beautiful you – inside and out.  For your chance to watch what happened at the Retreat, check out:   Read This Entry »