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organic tampon Beauty & Self Care

Should You Be Using Organic Tampons?

Organic tampons used to occupy a dusty spot on the drugstore shelf, inspiring questions like, “But…do they work?” (And who wants to take that risk?) Now, there are lots of companies turning better menstrual products into major modern brands by making them with healthy materials, chic packaging, and sometimes a bigger mission. First, a little… Read This Entry »

healthy-sunscreens Beauty & Self Care

The Healthy Sunscreens Beauty Experts Actually Use

Sunscreen is a non-negotiable part of a healthy lifestyle, but choosing healthy sunscreens can be tricky. Maybe you’re concerned about chemical ingredients like oxybenzone, but then every time you buy something labeled “natural” you end up looking like someone colored your body with chalk (great beach look, obviously). The Environmental Working Group (EWG) provides an… Read This Entry »

exercise and movement Bodywork & Body Care

There’s a Difference Between Exercise and Movement—and It Matters

“We don’t understand the difference between exercise and movement,” explains Katy Bowman, a whip-smart biomechanist based in Washington state who’s made changing that fact her personal mission. Bowman’s company Nutritious Movement (great minds!) and books—like Movement Matters, Move Your DNA, and Don’t Just Sit There—all take aim at the problems of living a sedentary lifestyle…. Read This Entry »

healthy-skin Beauty & Self Care

3 Best Foods for Healthy Skin

Healthy skin is one of those things we all want, but many of us have trouble getting. Blemishes…zits…pimples…are you cringing at even just the thought of them staring back at you in the bathroom mirror this morning? It’s a topic most people like to avoid. It’s important to take care of your skin, and your… Read This Entry »

detox-foods Bodywork & Body Care

The 3 Best Detox Foods

Today, we’re talking detox foods. Why? Because let’s be real. Your eats can’t always be ideal. Even though (I hope!) you’re trying your best to eat as clean as possible, it’s normal to sometimes end up on the couch on a Friday night with salty takeout or spend a rainy Sunday afternoon curled up with… Read This Entry »

how-to-be-healthy Bodywork & Body Care

How to Be Healthy On a 3 Day Weekend

Three day weekends. They’re all about your favorite F words: friends, family, food, and fun. You know the drill. But it’s amazing how an extra 24 hours makes it so easy to overdo everything and turn what could’ve been a chance to press the reset button on your life into a hangover-filled, sleep-deprived, food-coma weekend…. Read This Entry »

healthy-hair Beauty & Self Care

7 Nutrients You Need for Healthy Hair

Healthy hair is more coveted than the perfect pair of jeans but sometimes more elusive than the perfect avocado. While we don’t all hate the Pantene lady for being beautiful, we do have a little ounce of envy at what happens when she swings her mane around in slo mo. Why? Because when we swing our dry, brittle, over-processed, or just generally… Read This Entry »

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How Does Lauren Roxburgh Live a Nutritious Life?

  Lauren Roxburgh is an international best-selling author of  ‘Taller, Slimmer, Younger – 21 Days to a Foam Roller Physique’, and creator of the Lo Rox Aligned Rollers and the Aligned Life video series. Certified in the fields of Structural Integration, classical Pilates, nutrition and pre/post-natal yoga, Lauren is a body alignment, fascia and movement… Read This Entry »

Nurture Yourself

How Does Mandy Ingber Live a Nutritious Life?

Mandy Ingber, may be famous for being the “it” yoga guru among A-listers (her clients include hotties such as Jennifer Aniston, Kate Beckinsale and Jennifer Lawrence) but lucky for you, this fellow Capricorn (we bond over Cap traits) whom I’m lucky enough to call my friend, just released her latest book Yogalosophy for Inner Strength: 12 Weeks… Read This Entry »

tips-for-glowing-skin Beauty & Self Care

8 Food Tips for Glowing Skin

You’ve read countless tips for glowing skin in magazines and blogs and brochures. You’ve dabbed toothpaste on zits, tried cleansing pads that stung, spent a fortune on wrinkle creams, used miracle oil made from special pearls, exfoliated until you were raw, buffed massaged, and polished your cheeks, and have done embarrassing face exercises, all in… Read This Entry »

adaptogens Bodywork & Body Care

Adaptogens: Are They Legit?

by Molly Rieger, RD, NLC and Leah Silberman, RD, NLC Your morning just began and your inbox is already inundated with emails, reminding you that there’s no end in sight to your “to-do” list. You’re supposed to go grocery shopping after work, but at this rate you’ll be lucky if you even have time to… Read This Entry »

Bodywork & Body Care

9 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

  Grab the tissues. Start the countdown. Beyonce is pregnant….with TWINS! So what should Beyonce be doing to have a healthy pregnancy now that there are TWO little buns (carb free of course) in the oven? 9 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy 1. Maintain a Healthy Diet: No ditching the salads for sticky buns. Eat healthier… Read This Entry »

Beauty & Self Care

4 Ways to Fight Winter Skin With Food

  Winter skin is upon us, and I just heard a collective sigh. Cozy sweaters, colorful scarves, fuzzy earmuffs—all things we love when the temperature drops outside. But flaky skin, scaly patches, and itchy itches are the things nobody loves that come with the territory. Rather than succumbing to winter’s wrath, I want you to combat… Read This Entry »

weight-loss-tips Bodywork & Body Care

9 Weight Loss Tips During Thanksgiving

You’re looking for weight loss tips because you want to do Thanksgiving differently this year, right? Usually, you eat until you’re stuffed then fall asleep on the couch and wake up in the 4th quarter of some football game. Oh wait, that’s every man in your family. No, you retreat to a bedroom and pass out in a… Read This Entry »