Emotional eating IS more subtle than you realize

It’s not just eating a pint of ice cream after a break-up. If you’re a wellness professional, you must understand emotional eating. It’s likely at the root of many of your clients’ issues. Get informed, here. 

How Can This Pro Series Help You?

Understanding emotional eating is one thing, but being able to recognize it in your clients and help them conquer it is another. This video series will teach you everything you need to:

  • Understand the complexities of emotional eating
  • Pinpoint emotional eating in your clients
  • Provide clients with tools to overcome their struggles
  • Elevate your skills as a health and wellness practitioner

Who is this program for?

Whether you have yet to see your first client, or you’re a wellness veteran polishing up your coaching skills, Nutritious Life Studio’s Emotional Eating Course will help:  
Our goal is to help you to help others live their most Nutritious Lives.

When it comes to overeating, emotions are to blame an estimated 75% of the time. ARE YOU HAVING TROUBLE HELPING YOUR CLIENTS WHO eat emotionally?

What you WILL learn in this COURSE


The science behind emotional eating.

From hormones and neurotransmitters to relationships and environment, Keri discusses the real reasons why we emotionally eat and what happens in our bodies and brains.


Different types of emotional eating.

Many different underlying emotions can drive people to overeat. Keri reviews several common personas and how specific emotions can affect how a person eats.


How to identify an emotional eater.

Some clients will readily proclaim, “I’m an emotional eater!” Other clients may not identify so easily. Keri teaches the right questions to ask to uncover emotional eating and how to interpret a client’s response.


Effective interviewing techniques to get results.

Keri will walk you through the keys to successful interviews and how to build relationships with your clients, earn their trust, and let them know you’re on the same team, especially if you uncover they emotionally eat.


Proven counseling strategies.

Keri will share her go-to strategies and counseling techniques for working with clients who emotionally eat. You’ll also receive tools and handouts to use in your sessions with your clients.


How to put your new skills into action.

In Keri’s case studies you’ll see exactly how to put the whole process together so you can feel confident working with clients who struggle with emotional eating. You’ll learn from real world examples so you can raise your confidence in working with challenging circumstances and clients and be a more successful health practitioner.


Keri Glassman, Registered Dietitian and founder of Nutritious Life and The Nutritious Life Studio has helped thousands of people lose weight over the past 15 years, and uncover and overcome their emotional eating.

You can give your clients the "perfect" diet plans, but if you haven't uncovered the real reasons behind their struggles, chances are your plans will fail. Could you be missing the signs of emotional eating?

nutritious life wellness pro series: emotional eating at a glance:

Lesson 1

Keri explains the true meaning of emotional eating and the precise difference between emotional eating and cravings. You'll learn exactly how emotions can dictate our food choices and the major things happening inside your clients’ brains and bodies that are encouraging them to emotionally eat. Keri will go through the main hormones and neurotransmitters at play and the mechanisms of how emotions can alter the way they function (in a way that you can totally understand!). She'll also cover all the non-science stuff behind emotional eating, like environmental and cultural factors affecting your clients' food choices and eating habits. After this lesson you'll understand the two BIGGEST problems with regular emotional eating and have a solid foundation for working with clients who emotionally eat.

lesson 2

Emotional eating is way more complex than most people realize and can manifest in different ways for different people. In this lesson you'll get up close and personal with several types of emotional eaters you may encounter in your client base. Keri will go through several common emotional eating personas, talk about how you can identify these clients during your sessions and discuss different strategies you can use to help your clients work through their emotional challenges and eating habits. After this lesson you'll understand which questions you need to be asking your clients and how to search for key clues as to why your clients are struggling to lose weight that you might have missed before.

Lesson 3

This lesson is all about strategy and will provide you with the tools you need to be successful when working with emotional eaters. Keri will give you the exact questions to ask during client interviews, trusted tools to use in your office, and specific strategies to implement with each type of emotional eater. She'll also teach you how to handle emotional non-eaters - those are the clients who stop eating when their emotions get out of control - and how to recognize when clients need other experts like psychologists or doctors to join your support team. After this lesson you'll be feeling more confident about identifying and working with emotional eaters and be armed with the tools you need (AKA lots of handsouts!) to better support your clients.

Lesson 4

Keri will walk you through several real-world case studies so you can see the whole counseling process in action. You'll learn how to recognize hidden behaviors that you previously may have missed and how to guide a client to uncover this information. You'll see exactly how Keri handles sessions with clients who emotionally eat and the specific strategies she implements and tools she uses. You'll see how to help clients overcome their emotional eating and finally reach the initial goals they set when you first started working with them, and also what to do when clients continue to struggle and how you can support them. After this lesson you'll feel totally confident, knowledgeable and prepared to help your clients conquer their emotional eating for good!

Keri Glassman is the trusted expert of experts

"I just LOVE Keri. If you don’t know her yet, she could be what your life was missing.."
-Natalie Jill, Licensed Master Sports Nutritionist and Functional Fitness Trainer
“Keri has taught me that it’s not about what you shouldn’t eat, but what you can eat to achieve your goals. She has changed the way I look at food for the better.”
--Bobbi Brown, CEO, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
"With an expert hand, Keri guides you on exactly how simple it can be to make smart, thoughtful food choices and how in turn, this can positively affect all areas of your life."
- Gail Simmons, Top Chef Judge, author, & culinary expert
"Keri goes beyond what we are eating and examines the psyche behind why we overeat and have cravings."
--Keri Peterson, M.D., Women’s Health contributor, Internal Medicine, Lenox Hill Hospital, NYC



Got questions? We've got answers, both during the course and long after. You'll get an invitation to join our Nutritious Life online community, and The Nutritious Life team of registered dietitians is here anytime you need us. We're so excited to have you as part of our engaged, dynamic, motivated, smart, talented community!


You'll receive invaluable handouts created by Keri and the Nutritious Life team of registered dietitians that you'll be able to access on any device, any time, or print out so you have them when and where you need them. You'll be able to refer back to this information throughout your career, and as science evolves, you'll always receive any updated versions we produce.


This is the stuff they don't always teach you in school. Keri is a world-renowned registered dietitian and an expert in working with emotional eaters. She draws from over 15 years in private practice, having helped thousands of clients identify their eating issues and overcome them for good. You'll learn directly from Keri so that you can do the same for your own clients.

For any wellness practitioner who is trying to help clients, becoming an emotional eating expert is imperative. Have you mastered emotional eating counseling skills?


"I've gained a ton of confidence to share the nutrition knowledge I already had."
- Danielle Diamond,
Nutritious Life Certified, Yoga Teacher, Founder of Xenstrength.com
"Most importantly for me, this has given me a sense of confidence that I did not have before."
- Sam Linden, RDN
Nutritious Life Certified, Founder of Nutrition-in-Balance
"I came back feeling a powerful motivation to take my business to the next level."
- Lydia Moriarty
Nutritious Life Certified, Holistic Health Coach
"Keri Glassman is a vessel of information that creates a buzz of health and lasting lifestyle change. I've been so blessed, blown away and changed forever by this class and program."
- Dee Royse
Nutritious Life Certified, Owner of Chiropractic First
"Keri and her team do such a great job of filling in all the gaps of information and MISinformation that the media feeds us every day. I feel so much more confident in my knowledge and coaching abilities thanks to this program."
- Lindsay Carter
Nutritious Life Certified

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