When it comes to overeating, emotions are to blame an estimated 75 percent of the time. You know the scenario. It’s the businesswoman shoving chips in her mouth after a stressful meeting or overdoing the cupcakes and cocktails after a promotion. It’s the dating 20-something finishing off a pint of ice cream to undo a week of disappointments.

You can give a client the most amazing diet plan ever, but if you never figured out the real reason why they are struggling in the first place, chances are that plan will fail.

In this 4 part video series, Keri is going to explain what emotional eating is and the nitty gritty science behind how emotions can dictate food choices. From hormones and neurotransmitters to relationships and environment, Keri will discuss the real reasons why people emotionally eat and what exactly is happening in our bodies and brains.

She’ll teach you about the many types of emotional eaters and review several common personas and how specific emotions can effect how a person eats. She’ll walk you through the keys to successful interviews, give you the right questions to ask to identify emotional eaters (and explain how to interpret their answers), and show you how to build relationships with your clients, earn their trust, and let them know you’re on the same team.

You’ll get Keri’s go-to strategies and counseling techniques for working with clients who emotionally eat and receive tools and handouts to use in your sessions with your clients.

Finally, Keri will share case studies so you can hear her entire strategy in action, so you can ultimately help your own clients have a better relationship with food.

For anyone in the wellness industry who is trying to help clients, becoming an emotional eating expert is imperative. This video course will help you do exactly that.