Nutritious Life Affiliate FAQs

Are you ready to start earning money by referring others to The Nutritious Life Studio’s Certification Program and other ebooks and courses?

If your answer is YES!!, then sign up for our affiliate program today!

How does it work?

  • Create an affiliate account here.
  • Share the link we provide you in your newsletters, blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, or any other social media channels, and anywhere on your website.
  • For every person who clicks on your affiliate link and makes a purchase, you earn a commission!!

How much money will you make?

You’ll earn 30% of every sale just by referring people! That’s hundreds of dollars for every student who enrolls in The Nutritious Life Studio Certification Program!
We pay you 30% commission on every sale that comes from your affiliate links.
You cannot receive commissions on your own orders through your own affiliate link.
This is a great way for YOU to earn money and help OTHERS live their most Nutritious Life!

Do they have to make a purchase immediately?
Nope! Our system uses “cookies”, so when they leave and return at a later time, you’ll still get your commission for as long as they keep coming back to our website. Cookies last 6 months.

How will I get paid?
We pay commissions directly to you once a month when your commissions have reached at least $25. Once commissions are earned You’ll get a request to complete your W-9 electronically and an invite to where you can confirm your mailing address or enter your banking information to receive ACH payments. Your commissions will be paid to you via 30 days after the end of the month in which the commission was earned.

How do I generate sales or referrals?
Once your audience/followers see how much you love Nutritious Life / The Nutritious Life Studio, they’ll want to get on board, too! Social media is an awesome way to tell your story and share your affiliate link, and you’ll quickly see how much people want to hear about the things you love. After all, living healthy and happy is contagious!

All you have to do, for example, is post about how The Nutritious Life Studio changed your life or career, or tell others about how you recently helped someone with their health/diet issues based on what you learned in TNS. Or you can add banners and images throughout your website or in the sidebars that are hyperlinked with your affiliate links. Or you can post your affiliate link with a picture of your 30-Day Slim Down success or your yummy salad photo or your latest recipe creation, and people will want to know more. They might ask you questions, or they might just click on your link. All they have to do is click on one of your links one time and make a purchase within 6 months, and you will earn commission on whatever they buy!

What if I need help?
We’re here to help! We want to help you earn as much money as possible with as little effort as possible. So, we provide you with as many assets as we can (text links, banners, sample emails and social media posts that you can personalize, etc. — whatever is most helpful to you!) to use wherever you want. In addition, we’ll send out emails with tips on how to make the most referrals and generate the most sales. And if you still have questions, just email us at and we’ll do whatever we can to answer your questions and help you out.

Do I need to have a website?
Nope! You can still become an affiliate and send your affiliate link in your emails and through your social media channels. If Instagram is your thing, you can put the link in your profile so people can click on it from their Instagram feed. If Facebook or Twitter is your thing, well, that’s easy — post like any other link and add a fun photo or video to it as well! If Youtube is your thing, you can create a short youtube video and post your affiliate link at bottom of the video. Into Pinterest? Create a fun pin, and put your affiliate link in the pin’s URL section. Don’t want to do any of the above, but have someone you really think would love TNS? Simply email them your link and ask them to check it out. It’s that easy.

Do I have to buy and stock products?
Nope! You don’t have to spend any money at all or buy anything up front to become an affiliate. The way you make commission is simply from referrals through your affiliate link. We do all of the behind-the scenes work, like ebook orders, processing, fulfillment, and management as well as The Nutritious Life Studio application process and enrollment for you. All you have to do is get people to click your link.

How do I sign up?
It will only take you a few minutes. Click here to sign up. You’ll get a welcome email with account information. Once you’re logged into the Affiliate Portal you can begin posting links and banners and sending emails. And then magically, after people have clicked on your links and purchased something, you’ll begin to see money being deposited into your PayPal account. How easy is that?!

By signing up to become an affiliate, you agree to our affiliate terms.

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