The Great 1-Month Slim Down

You're 4 weeks away from the body you crave.
Change your thinking, change your body.

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The Great 1-Month Slim Down ebook can be downloaded immediately, and includes:

  • 4-Day Cleanse: Start your slim down off with rapid weight loss, clearer skin, and a totally doable food detox.
  • 1-Month Meal Plan: Stay on track with flexible meal options, food swaps, dining out tips, and more.
  • 31 Days of Tips: Meet your goals by managing cravings, hydration, exercise, and so much more

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The Great 1-Month Slim Down Includes

  • What to eat for the entire month
  • How to pinpoint and fix cravings
  • Reasons why your past diets failed
  • Dining out tips and tricks
  • How to portion your food
  • 21+ snack options for variety
  • Drinks to enjoy and avoid
  • 10 exercise tips to guide you
  • 4-day cleanse to kickstart weight loss
  • 8 surprising foods to avoid
  • 15+ of the best foods for detoxing
  • Slim down grocery list
  • 8 point checklist to stay on track
  • Easy food swaps to satisfy you
  • Vegetarian options for all meals
  • Hydration plan to follow


“ Keri has a special gift for explaining smart eating habits in a way that sticks to your brain (but never your thighs). ”

Michele PromaulaykoEditor in Chief, Cosmopolitan

“ Keri has taken the approach to eating well to any entirely new level by changing the way we think about food. ”

Keri Peterson, MD Women's Health Magazine Contributor and Internal Medicine Doctor at Lenox Hill Hospital, NYC

“ Keri has taught me that it’s not about what you shouldn’t eat, but what you can eat to achieve your goals. ”

Bobbi Brown CEO, Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

I’ve worked with thousands of clients at Nutritious Life and have reached millions of others through media, and I know what is sustainable and what isn’t when it comes to weight loss.

Rather than keeping this information only available for people who work directly with me, I created a way for everyone to achieve a healthier and better looking body in 1 month.

If you’ve never followed a diet plan before, don’t worry! I’ll teach you everything you need to know by showing you sample meal plans and customized shopping lists.

If you consider yourself a diet pro then I ask you to trust me when I tell you that this book is filled with tips and research that will only make you live a healthier and fitter life.

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