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How Sex Can Help you Lose Weight

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Today I’m talking about why steaming it up between the sheets is good for you and helpful to the fitification (I just made that up) of your body.

My goal isn’t to make you blush here.

In all honesty, I’m a huge believer in the role of sex, touching and cuddling when it comes to health and wellness, but I don’t chat about it as regularly as I talk about the benefits of omega-3s, hydration and antioxidants with my clients or students.

So, I’m sayin’ it here and I’m sayin’ it now: go have sex to lose weight, peops! {Tweet this}

Cortisol is your stress hormone, often called the fight-or-flight hormone, that wreaks havoc on your health, makes your body hold onto weight around the middle and contributes to illnesses.

If cortisol is the villain who comes out when you’re running late, arguing, pressured or otherwise overwhelmed, do you know who the hero is? Oxytocin.

Do you know how you get oxytocin to rescue your damaged bod? That’s right. S-E-X. Sex.

You need to get rid of excessive cortisol in your body to shuck your weight and a romp with your boo is a great way to do just that.

While I’m talking up the superhero powers of oxytocin, magic from this powerful hormone helps you to sleep like a babe as well, which also happens to be another great way to lose weight!

Sex is also great for your body image. It’s hard to hold on to negative feelings about your body when someone’s lovin’ it. {Tweet this}

It’s also motivating to stick to your healthy ways when you know you’re gonna be naked with somebody.

More than that, it seems as though sexual pleasure is greater in leaner peops. Overweight and obese people struggle more with lower testosterone levels, erectile dysfunction and performance difficulty.

You know how you’re significant other always wants you to look and feel your best? Time to prove it. Instead of Netflix and the popcorn between you two on the couch tonight, bust out your satin jammies and look forward to turning in early!


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