Module 2: Counseling

What You'll Learn in this Module

Module 2 will teach you the counseling skills you need so you can work with clients of all types, in many different capacities and settings. You’ll learn how to break down confusing or complicated science from Module 1 and communicate effectively with your clients, on social media, and anywhere else you highlight your expertise. You’ll also learn how to conduct client sessions, what questions to ask, how to answer difficult questions, and how to coach your clients for long term success.

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Lesson 10: The First Session

In Lesson 10, we’ll really get down to business…nutrition business that is. We’ll go over everything you’ll need for your first client session, including appointment confirmation letters, client intake forms and food journal templates.

Lesson 11: The Nutritious Life Handbook

Lesson 11 is all about communication. You’ll learn how to decide what works for you. After finishing this lesson you will be ready to help your clients work towards and achieve their nutrition and wellness goals.

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