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How do I apply?

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What is the inspiration behind The Nutritious Life Studio?

Keri Glassman MS, RD, CDN is known for her “whole-person” approach to health and wellness. This includes focusing on sleep, stress, love, environment and exercise in addition to food. Her effective methodologies have helped thousands of clients but she recognizes that her methods took time to develop. She knows that is it often a struggle for dietitians, nutritionists, and others working in health and fitness to find their footing in the field. As Keri says “There’s a really big gap between getting your degree in clinical nutrition and then being able to apply it and have a private practice and actually help people. I want to bridge the gap for RDs and also embrace other people out there who are not RDs and are already giving out nutrition information”, like health coaches, writers, personal trainers, nurses, and even parents. The Nutritious Life Studio is the perfect platform to help passionate individuals build successful careers based on up-to-date information.


What is The Nutritious Life Studio and what will I learn?

The Nutritious Life Studio by Keri Glassman is an unprecedented 13-part online course. Its purpose is to provide nutrition education as a springboard for building a successful career as a nutritionist and/or for growing an existing career in the health and wellness industry. When you join The Nutritious Life Studio you will learn how to help clients, build your business, and gain recognition for your work.

In 12 weeks, you will receive extensive training on various aspects of nutrition science and counseling to be able improve the lives of clients by mastering the following topics: Explanation of Nutritious Life; Nutrition 101; Cravings and Emotional Eating; Inflammation, Allergies, and Gut Health; What Makes Us Fat?; Detoxing and Cleansing; Supplements; Common Nutrition Myths; Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw, and Paleo Diets; Nutritious Life Counseling; The Nutritious Life Handbook; and Running a Successful Business. Once you complete the 12 main lessons, you will be able to access the bonus lessons taught by some of the biggest names in the health and wellness industry. These lessons include Building a Killer Website for Your Business, Understanding GMOs, The Lymphatic System and its Role in Weight Loss, Growing Your Social Media Channels, and so much more!


Who teaches at The Nutritious Life Studio?

The Nutritious Life Studio was created and is taught by one of the world’s most renowned and respected nutritionists, Keri Glassman, MS, RD, CDN and our team of dietitians. Learn more about Keri here. We also have Guest Experts who teach exclusive classes to our students. You won’t find these anywhere else.


Is The Nutritious Life Studio for people who have never studied nutrition or is it for health professionals?

The Nutritious Life Studio takes applications from everyone who has a passion for nutrition, health and wellness and wants to help others live a more nutritious life! We have students ranging from those interested in learning more about nutrition or perhaps contemplating a career in health to fitness professionals to experienced registered dietitians.


While a master’s degree is great, we know that it is not realistic for everyone. We designed the program both for RDs who are looking for a specific business plan to follow, as well as others who are looking to learn pertinent nutrition, how to counsel clients, and how to launch a business. If you have less exposure to nutrition, then The Nutritious Life Studio is the perfect way to receive an education in nutrition and learn the practical side of how to help clients and build a business. For those already in the field, the program is a great way for you to offer more value to your clients, be recognized, and grow your business and brand.


What exactly do you get when you go to The Nutritious Life Studio?

The Nutritious Life Studio offers the following:

  • A virtual platform complete with nutrition and business education
  • Access to the entire Nutritious Life team who will provide ongoing support throughout your career
  • Assistance in creating a killer business to bring the health and happiness of your clients to a whole new level
  • Resources including handouts and tools that you can utilize when building programs for your clients
  • 12 webinars on scientifically supported nutrition education and building your business and brand
  • 6+ guest expert lectures on various topics from GMOs to building an Instagram following to how to get your blogs published on large media sites and more!
  • Access to The Nutritious Life Studio private forum where you can ask and answer questions and collaborate with Keri, the Nutritious Life team, and other students and alumni
  • An exclusive invitation to attend the The Nutritious Life Studio Masterclass, the ultimate health and wellness experience
  • Lifetime access to The Nutritious Life Studio community comprised off passionate health and wellness coaches, trainers, experts, teachers, and more!


Can you view the webinars and do the work on your own schedule, or are there set times?  

We here at Nutritious Life definitely understand juggling busy schedules. The course is designed so that you can complete each webinar on your own schedule. Yep, that could mean PJs on, feet kicked up, with warm cuppa joe or knockin’ it out during your lunch hour. After you finish each webinar (which last anywhere from 15-45 minutes), you will download study materials and resources, and take the time you need letting the info soak in. An hour (if you are super familiar with the subject), a day, a week, a month — it’s up to you! Then, you’ll take a quiz. In order to progress to the next webinar, you need to pass the quiz to unlock the following lesson – so you can pace yourself and complete the sessions on your own time. We recommend completing at least one webinar and quiz per week for a 12-week completion, but we give you the time you need to soak up all of the health, nutrition, and business info there is to know!


How many hours per week will I dedicate to the coursework?

That is up to you; each person is different! Webinars and topics vary in length. The course is designed so that you can complete each webinar on your own schedule. After you finish each webinar, you take a quiz. In order to progress to the next webinar, you need to pass the quiz to unlock the following lesson – so you can pace yourself and complete the sessions on your own time. We recommend completing one segment per week over 12 weeks. Almost everyone in the program has another job or is a full-time student, and the feedback that we always receive is that there is plenty of time to get through the coursework even with a busy, stressful schedule.


How is The Nutritious Life Studio different from other health and nutrition programs?

The Nutritious Life Studio is the only program of its kind developed by a registered dietitian with more than ten years of experience counseling clients through every type of health problem. This course will provide answers made up of only the best information discovered from the latest research and real life experience.


The Nutritious Life Studio is unique because it provides a blueprint for solving any problem, arming you with solutions and handing you the building blocks to build a business and help clients. Tuition includes valuable resources, including handouts for studying and tools for clients. Enrolling in the program gives you direct access to Keri Glassman and the Nutritious Life team. When you graduate you will join the Nutritious Life Family, a support system of nationally recognized nutritionists. Our grads tell us they feel like we are right there with them the whole way, and that they like knowing we are there to help them 100%.


How will I be supported in The Nutritious Life Studio?

The Nutritious Life Studio is an extremely supportive and collaborative environment and that does not end when the course is over! From the very first lesson on, webinar and accompanying handouts support learning and prepare you to succeed. There are live chats with Keri Glassman and her team throughout the course where she answers your questions directly. As a student you will be invited to join a private internet forum with fellow students, alumni, and The Nutritious Life team. The forum is an active space for questions, answers, and discussions between participants and the experts. You also have exclusive access to attend the The Nutritious Life Studio Masterclass, the ultimate health and wellness experience featuring in-depth nutrition lectures from leading wellness experts, amazing workouts led by some of the hottest instructors, and demonstrations by some of the coolest people in the health and wellness space. Once you become part of our Alumni network, there are a ton of new opportunities and resources at your fingertips, so the support continues!


Does The Nutritious Life Studio adhere to a specific dietary philosophy or approach?

Keri Glassman and her team at Nutritious Life reach beyond a healthful diet and take a whole person approach to health and wellness, both inside and out. Nutritious Life teaches people to listen to their bodies and empowers them with the support and tools they need to create change towards an enriching and balanced life. Really, food is just one piece of the nutrition pie. There are 8 pillars that make up a Nutritious Life that will be discussed during the course. Each one is equally important to personal well being and combined make up the “whole person.”


How much of the course is focused on business vs. nutrition education?

About 30% of the course is dedicated to business, 70% is focused on the nutrition education and counseling component. In addition to learning fundamentals of nutrition science and counseling skills, we also cover current topics in nutrition including labeling guidelines, diet trends and common nutrition myths. We keep our coursework up-to-date with the latest research and information.


Will I learn business skills?

Yes, 30% of the entire course is dedicated to business. At Nutritious Life we know how important it is to build your business and your brand–we’ve been at it for over 10 years, and we have expertise in both brick-and-mortar as well as online business and brand building, so no matter what type of health and wellness business you are looking to start or grow, we’ve got you covered!


Can I join The Nutritious Life Studio if I am not interested in using it professionally?

Yes, even if you do not want a career entirely in nutrition counseling your certification can help you in other roles in your life. If you are passionate and committed you will get the education, motivation, and support you need to live your most Nutritious Life, as well as provide one for those around you. The course may bolster your current knowledge and help you succeed in other areas. We encourage you to apply but remember space is limited so we want you to tell us how you plan on making a difference by being part of this program.


What type of credential do you get upon completion?

Upon completion and passing of the 12 week course you are Nutritious Life Certified and you can use your certification however relevant to your particular needs. For example, some consider themselves Nutritious Life Certified Health Coaches, other are Personal Trainers with a Nutritious Life Certification, etc.


What are your admission requirements and/or prerequisites?

You must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED. Other than that, there are no specific prerequisites or requirements, and we encourage all passionate and committed students to apply! We have a short application for you to fill out so we can learn more about your goals and desire to join The Nutritious Life Studio. Tell us how you plan on making a difference by being part of this program.


When will we receive notice of acceptance?

We are always accepting applications, and we will review them in the order that we received them, so we suggest getting them in sooner than later. We enroll a new class two times per year, so check back to the website frequently and stay in the know. Once we announce the application deadline for the next class, it usually takes us up to one week to review them and send out notices of acceptance.


After finishing The Nutritious Life Studio what will my certification allow me to do? How will I benefit?

Registered Dietitians: Even after the long hours and hard work you put in to receive your RD credentials you may still desire more career direction. Perhaps you want to learn how to counsel clients on a more personal level or are already privately counseling clients, but struggle on the business side to build your practice and referral bases. You may be new to the field and need to learn how to effectively communicate with clients by turning science into relatable lessons. Becoming Nutritious Life Certified can help you become better at what you do and give you the direction you need for a more successful and fulfilling career.


Fitness and Athletic Coaches, Yoga Instructors, Personal Trainers, etc.: We can’t tell you how many trainers have asked us for the best resources to use with clients to address nutrition. The Nutritious Life Certification will teach you research-based nutrition straight from not only an expert, but the expert herself Keri Glassman, so you can be confident you are giving your clients proper advice. This will give you an edge up on your competition, since clients often want trainers who have a reputable nutrition certification. This will allow you to offer separate nutrition consultations, more comprehensive training sessions, and/or the ability to create the most effective full meal plans for clients who have specific diet goals.


Life Coaches and Health Coaches: We know that you need a wide breadth of certifications to be able to address the various needs of your clients. Being Nutritious Life Certified gives you a premier education when it comes to nutrition and you will undoubtedly become a better overall counselor by learning from Keri’s principles. You will also learn how to grow your business and gain more clients for long-term success.


Massage Therapists and other spa specialists: Since you are in the business of helping others live healthy lives you can greatly benefit from understanding how nutrition complements your efforts. You may perform treatments on clients interested in nutrition or looking to make some changes in their lives. Upon becoming Nutritious Life Certified, you will be well-prepared to guide clients on healthy lifestyle modifications and support them in their endeavors.


Chefs and Sommeliers: With so many consumers becoming health conscious, culinary arts experts are turning to nutrition education to become more current, more creative, and healthier in the kitchen. Whether working in a restaurant or a private home, you are constantly having to accommodate special dietary and allergy requests. The Nutritious Life Studio offers you the education to understand various dietary requests and how to best fulfill them. It also offers a wealth of information that will no doubt help you become more creative in menu planning and more up to date on trends in the health and nutrition world.


Stay at home parents: Who says you need to work outside of the home to be able to benefit from the Nutritious Life Certification? Not us! Being the CEO of a family is one of the hardest jobs around, especially when you have a spouse with a food allergy, a toddler who will only eat things that are white, a teenager who eats too much junk food, and everything in between. Whatever the case may be, you will get the education, motivation, and support you need to live your most Nutritious Life, as well as provide one for your family.


Writers, editors, and bloggers: What better way to be an expert in the health and wellness field than to learn from the premier expert in nutrition? As someone who is turned to for health and nutrition advice all across America, Keri helps explain the science behind so many stories consumers want to hear about. Writing stories and producing segments about health and nutrition becomes much easier when you have the background to support your points. Keri knows all about what it takes to excel in the creative world with roots in nutrition.


Nurses and medical professionals: In the business of helping others live healthy lives you can greatly benefit from understanding how nutrition complements your efforts. The Nutritious Life Certification provides the background necessary to properly guide patients to prevent and treat disease, as well as inform them on current nutrition education information. You will also be able to connect with other like-minded individuals through the community-based group to further support your goals and endeavors.


Career changers: Who says you have to sit at a desk for the rest of your career? There’s no sense in spending your days doing something you just don’t like. The Nutritious Life Studio is an enthusiasm-based and passion-led course that shows students the ins and outs of good nutrition and business practices in the field of health and nutrition. Upon becoming Nutritious Life Certified you will be able to guide and support clients to live their healthiest lives!


Entrepreneurs: Interested in starting a food, wellness, counseling or coaching business? No matter what field you’re looking to jump into, The Nutritious Life Studio provides guidance on how to get started, grow your business, and thrive in your industry. You’ll receive a step-by-step guide on how to build a brand, plus gain lifetime access to the Nutritious Life team who will support you every step of the way.


What is the difference between being a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RD or RDN) and being Nutritious Life Certified?

RDNs are the experts in the field of nutrition and have a degree in nutrition, dietetics or public health, with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. They’ve completed an internship, taken a licensing exam and often specialty exams, and are maintaining continuing education hours, similar to a doctor, nurse or other medical professionals. RDNs work everywhere from hospitals to community settings, in foodservice and in health care offices and private practice to academia. The team you will be learning from at Nutritious Life are all registered dietitians with master’s degrees.


With the Nutritious Life Certification you will can feel confident that the information you are receiving is indeed reputable, research-based, and backed by a team of experts. With so much conflicting nutrition information out there, it can be tough knowing who to trust. We assure you that our information is cutting-edge and at the forefront of nutrition education.


Is the Nutritious Life Certification recognized internationally?  

Yes! There are no borders to helping people live more nutritious lives! We have students and alumni from around the world — one more reason why becoming Nutritious Life Certified is such an amazing experience.


Do you receive continuing education credits? Is TNS accredited?

YES! We are prior-approved (as Self Study) by the Commission on Dietetic Registration, the credentialing agency for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND), so all RDNs (Registered Dietitian Nutritionists) who complete our program receive 12 CPEs.

TNS is also approved and accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). This means that anyone who successfully completes the The Nutritious Life Studio program and becomes Nutritious Life Certified has the ability to become a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner.


What are the benefits for The Nutritious Life Studio alumni?

As an alumni, you will be a part of a large and continuously growing network of professionals. The resources you take with you from the course are yours to keep for life. You will receive insider discounts and exclusive access to future webinars and top-of-the-list access to further one-on-one coaching with Keri and the entire Nutritious Life Team. As a trusted Nutritious Life Certified alumnus, you will have access to guest blog for Keri Glassman and the Nutritious Life team. As an alumni you will also receive exclusive invitations to alumni events including the one-of-a-kind The Nutritious Life Studio Masterclass and most importantly you will be joining the Nutritious Life family!


What is the cost of the program and what is the best way to apply?

Full tuition is $1549. We grant thousands of dollars in scholarships each class as tuition assistance to those who need it or feel it could truly help make their dreams a reality.

As for payment plans, we are always working to find ways to make The Nutritious Life Studio as affordable as possible. We offer multiple options that help make it easier for you to make payments and become a part of the community.


How do I apply?

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