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What’s The Nutritious Life Studio?

As a yoga instructor, you're all about wellness and your students know you're a total health guru. You're probably already reading up on food and nutrition every chance you get and your students likely ask you for healthy eating advice all the time. Now’s the time to make things official.

With The Nutritious Life Certification, you can further your career and expand your yoga practice. This 13-part, go-at-your-own-pace online nutrition education and brand building program begins November 5, with applications being accepted now. Apply today!

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Get certified. Grow your business. Join a thriving community of wellness professionals. Hurry, applications due by October 20.

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The Nutritious Life Studio is a one of kind program that teaches everything from nutrition science and diet trends to business building and marketing skills.

This course will give you a strong foundation in nutrition knowledge, tools for helping clients take their health and nutrition up a notch, and skills for growing and marketing a successful wellness business.

You'll Learn

The 8 Pillars of a Nutritious Life and Why They Matter

Our whole-person approach to healthy living has always extended far beyond food and diet to sleep, stress, relationships, and so much more. All eight pillars work together—hydration enhancing exercise, exercise deepening your sleep and so on—to create a lifestyle that works for you.

How to grow and manage a profitable wellness business

Fundamentals of nutrition, including macro and micronutrients and how they function in the body

Environmental factors that harm healthy eating and living and what you can do to avoid them

What food labels are really saying, which terms to pay attention to, and which terms are just marketing hype

The difference between allergies and intolerances, how to figure out if you’re reacting to a food, and what you can do about it

Foods that support gut health and the role the gut plays in overall health

The real deal on popular diets: which ones are science-backed, and which ones are just fads

How to reduce inflammation through lifestyle and food

Which foods are cleansing and how to do a whole foods cleanse

The process for creating personalized meal plans for clients and how to ensure your clients have long-term success

Best communication practices with clients and other professionals and how to grow a professional network

Social media, web, and marketing skills, and how to grow and manage a profitable wellness business

The Nutritious Life StudioExpert Instructors

In addition to Nutritious Life’s team of registered dietitians, once you’re Nutritious Life certified, you’ll have exclusive access to sessions led by some of the health and wellness industry’s brightest and biggest stars.

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An Exclusive Invitation To TNS Masterclass

All TNS students and alumni receive an invitation to our annual Masterclass, a two-day health and wellness experience bringing together TNS staff, students, alumni, experts, and special guests to connect, share, celebrate, and inspire one another.

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About The Curriculum

TNS curriculum include webinars, lessons, webinars, private chats, an exclusive online community, and quizzes to help you master information.
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What About The Schedule?

We get it – life is busy! That’s why TNS is an online, go at your own pace course. But, to get a feel for the general schedule, we’ve created a sample schedule just for you.

“The TNS Certification Program had the unique combination of nutrition, supplement and business information. It’s basically everything I needed to integrate nutrition into my yoga teaching practice, and my clients have loved it so far.”

Danielle Diamond NLC, Founder of Xen Strength Yoga

“The TNS masterclass was educational, inspiring, and motivating! I connected with amazing people who are making a difference in the health and wellness industry and learned from top experts in fitness, nutrition, and beyond. It was an awesome opportunity and kick in the butt to think bigger and better in business and in life”

Kim Wallis NLC, CSCS, Founder of Pilates4Pros

“I have learned so much from Keri and her team and am continually blown away by their generous spirit and willingness to share information. I loved every facet of the TNS program, from the content on nutrition and branding to the helpful handouts and private Facebook group.”

Lisa Malin Salsberg NLC, Certified Health Coach
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