How to Be Healthy On a 3 Day Weekend

Three day weekends. They’re all about your favorite F words: friends, family, food, and fun. You know the drill.

But it’s amazing how an extra 24 hours makes it so easy to overdo everything and turn what could’ve been a chance to press the reset button on your life into a hangover-filled, sleep-deprived, food-coma weekend.


I always talk to my clients about changing their mindset about what weekends mean, especially those clients who tend to eat well all week long and then go bonkers come Friday night, undoing all the “good” work they did since Monday.


This weekend, break the cycle. Flip the switch. Redefine what a weekend means. Learn how to be even healthier during a time you normally reserve for your most unhealthy habits.


Instead of thinking it’s time to go “off” your diet, skip your workout, and binge watch Netflix, use this 72 hour break to be kind to your body. Approach this weekend as a kickstart to good health and a little more happiness.


Today I’m teaching you how to be healthy on a 3 day weekend, and I’m not even gonna talk about food.


How to Be Healthy On a 3 Day Weekend



Sleep Deep: Allowing yourself to become sleep deprived can leave you feeling lethargic, dull, cloudy, and can even worsen your metabolism and interfere with proper decision making. I want you to tuck yourself in a little bit earlier and aim for a minimum of 7 hours with the Sandman, sans electronics! Winding down before bed is important for setting yourself up for a good night of sleep. Chamomile tea, a little lavender oil, some deep breaths can go a long way. Figure out a routine you can stick with even if just on the weekend, and treat your body to some much needed downtime.


Love More: While I have you thinking about your time between the sheets, go ahead and stimulate the release of those feel good hormones by creating a little extra time to connect. Intimacy and sex flood the body with oxytocin, and I’ve never heard anybody say they are getting too much oxytocin in their, er, diet. And did you know that research shows oxytocin lowers stress, which also helps lower your weight? Wham bam thank you ma’am. Sometimes a busy schedule can leave the importance of intimacy on the back burner, so use the extra time this weekend to light that fire again.


Nurture Yourself: Sometimes being passionate in our lives is easier when we take a moment to love ourselves a little more. There are endless benefits to feeling your best, and most of them happen on their own. Your posture will straighten, your face will soften and brighten, you’ll naturally be exuding the best version of yourself. Think about what makes you feel pampered and do it. It might be a massage after work or a mani pedi tomorrow with your morning coffee or even just taking time to use that delicious moisturizer you normally skip after a shower because you’re running out the door. Whatever it is, remember that it’s not selfish to use time for yourself.


I hope this long weekend you enjoy a lot of your favorite f words, and that you do it in a way that is kind to yourself. Learning how to be healthy doesn’t have to start on a Monday. It can start on a Friday and continue all weekend long.



New Years Resolutions Start Today

I’ve never been a big fan of new years resolutions.

Even though I love that google search histories are dominated by “healthy dinner ideas” and “healthy snacks” and “how to eat healthy” around the new year, by February the healthy eating novelty often wears off and January’s healthy searches are replaced with “weight loss supplements” and other quick fixes that aren’t part of a healthy diet or a healthy life.

And don’t even get me started on just having willpower to lose weight every January.

I believe we should be working on improving ourselves daily, and that we don’t need a holiday date to begin self-improvement work.

However, there is something to be said for taking a minute to reflect on the past year and take action moving forward. That I am down with.

There are many “rules” to follow in life but looking ahead at a new year, there is one rule I would like to focus on: be responsible.

It translates into your personal, professional and social life in a proactive and productive way.

We don’t need a million guidelines.

There shouldn’t be a hundred messages telling you how to govern yourself as you navigate the world.

Moving through life with the mantra ‘be responsible’ should cover you in most situations.

As we approach the New Year, it’s a good time to revisit the simple message of being responsible and perhaps use it as an alternative to your usual new years resolutions that never seem to last into spring.

New Years Resolutions the Healthy Way:

1. Be responsible for your health.

Make choices that keep you accountable to your physical, mental and emotional health. Find a way to be responsible when you are indulging and enjoy yourself with a thoughtful recognition of your actions with food, exercise and well being.

Make and keep your doctors’ appointments, schedule regular dental check-ups and be proactive in eating empowered by keeping your refrigerator and pantry responsibly stocked with healthy foods.

2. Be responsible in your environment.

Take a New Year’s minute to look at the space you spend the most time in. Do you love your home? Is your bedroom a sanctuary? Are you proud of the desk you keep and spot where you relax?

No? Then take some action and make the spaces you live in spaces you love. Take ownership of improving your world you live in so that you can feel good about your choices.

3. Be responsible in your love.

Release some oxytocin, the love hormone that is responsible for managing your stress and negative feelings. While sex is a great way to release oxytocin, there are plenty of G-rated ways to do it, too: cuddle more puppies, hold more children’s hands, hug your loved ones.

You deserve to have a year that is full of feelings of being loved, so take responsibility for it by incorporating a little love into each day.



4 Benefits of Sex You Need to Know About

Q: I’ve heard one benefit of sex is weight loss. Is it true?

A: I’m an open book, put it all out there kind of person with most things. But I am not a ‘hey peops, let’s chat about sex’ kind of free spirit.

Sex is personal and everyone has different boundaries with this topic.

However, the benefits of sex are so important that I refuse to let my own bit of – shall I say – awkwardness keep me from spreading the love more message…and discussing sex (consensual with your partner type) with my clients.

Sex is part of everyone’s wellness.  “Love More” is a pillar of Nutritious Life for this very reason, lovin’ is great for your body.

It is the yin (oxytocin) to the yang (cortisol) of stress.

It’s the 3 day food cleanse that recovers you from a food coma. {Tweet this}

It helps you escape from the negatives in life, and fills you with feel good. I want you to feel good. Feeling good helps to motivate you to make healthy decisions in all areas of your life.

So, let’s talk about sex and how it can truly help you live your most Nutritious Life.

Here Are 4 Benefits of Sex You Should Know About:

Sex is a best way to lose weight, which is why I always discuss it with my clients! I know, not the conversation you think you’ll be having when meeting with a nutritionist…right? Well, cortisol is a hormone that makes your body hold onto weight around the middle, and the best way to reduce cortisol is with its arch nemesis, oxytocin. How do you produce more oxytocin? You guessed it: by having sex. Cuddling, by the way, helps produce oxytocin too.

Orgasms help chill you out, which also helps you achieve a healthy weight! We could allllll use a little relaxing, after all. So how do orgasms magically do this? Once again, through oxytocin. Oxytocin floods the body with relaxation messages after orgasm, and lowers anxiety and the brain’s natural resistance responses. A big oh becomes a big ahhhhh…

Sex is good for your wellness. It prevents cancers, strengthens your ticker and even improves your immune system. You knew snuggling could lead to, well, you know. But did you know it could lead to fighting diseases? If you’ve ever worried about being a superhero in bed, stop worrying. Your heart thinks you are the best.lover.ever.

Sex improves your sense of smell. After sex, there is a surge in the production of the hormone prolactin, which causes your brain’s stem cells to form new neurons in the olfactory bulb, also known as the brain’s smell center. Not only is your sniffer gonna thank you, but now you have a fun fact to share at your next cocktail party.

Well, I think I’ve covered all the bases (get it? bases? sex joke? ha!). Eat a healthy diet, hit the gym, make love, repeat. And don’t worry if you only have time for a quickie. The benefits of sex last way longer. 🙂

How Sex Can Help you Lose Weight

Today I’m talking about why steaming it up between the sheets is good for you and helpful to the fitification (I just made that up) of your body.

My goal isn’t to make you blush here.

In all honesty, I’m a huge believer in the role of sex, touching and cuddling when it comes to health and wellness, but I don’t chat about it as regularly as I talk about the benefits of omega-3s, hydration and antioxidants with my clients or students.

So, I’m sayin’ it here and I’m sayin’ it now: go have sex to lose weight, peops! {Tweet this}

Cortisol is your stress hormone, often called the fight-or-flight hormone, that wreaks havoc on your health, makes your body hold onto weight around the middle and contributes to illnesses.

If cortisol is the villain who comes out when you’re running late, arguing, pressured or otherwise overwhelmed, do you know who the hero is? Oxytocin.

Do you know how you get oxytocin to rescue your damaged bod? That’s right. S-E-X. Sex.

You need to get rid of excessive cortisol in your body to shuck your weight and a romp with your boo is a great way to do just that.

While I’m talking up the superhero powers of oxytocin, magic from this powerful hormone helps you to sleep like a babe as well, which also happens to be another great way to lose weight!

Sex is also great for your body image. It’s hard to hold on to negative feelings about your body when someone’s lovin’ it. {Tweet this}

It’s also motivating to stick to your healthy ways when you know you’re gonna be naked with somebody.

More than that, it seems as though sexual pleasure is greater in leaner peops. Overweight and obese people struggle more with lower testosterone levels, erectile dysfunction and performance difficulty.

You know how you’re significant other always wants you to look and feel your best? Time to prove it. Instead of Netflix and the popcorn between you two on the couch tonight, bust out your satin jammies and look forward to turning in early!