SoulCycle Superstar Stacey Griffith’s Spiritual Spin on Healthy Living

Stacey Griffith is a SoulCycle superstar, but her first book, Two Turns From Zero, is not about spinning.

Fitness is a theme, of course. But her many fans (and there are many) wouldn’t be surprised by the fact that she gets the most excited when talking about what motivates her—and how she then uses that supercharged stamina to motivate others.

“I care about every person’s experience in every situation,” she says. “I watch out for people as a general rule. It’s who I am.”

Griffith’s book is no fairy tale, either. It gets gritty about her past personal struggles—from drug problems to career stumbles—while painting a picture of how each failure drove her to succeed, both on and off the bike.

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Here’s how the celebrity Soul instructor lives well—from spirituality to Skinny Pop.

How Does Stacey Griffith Live a Nutritious Life?

SoulCycle Stacey GriffithWhat’s your go-to breakfast? Oatmeal with chia seeds.

Your go-to workday lunch? Sweet potato, avocado, baby greens, one sunny side egg on top.

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What’s the one food you always have in your fridge? Blueberries and Bai Bubbles.

The one food you’d never buy? Liver, ew.

The snack you always have with you when traveling? Skinny Pop popcorn, plain flavor.

Your favorite food indulgence? Too many to list: PIZZA, Magnolia Bakery Banana Pudding, Bill’s Birthday Cakes.

How often do you exercise, and what’s your workout of choice? I teach 18 classes a week. After running around the floor, I have little energy for myself on the weekends to ride at SoulCycle, but I also love cross-training and doing Michelle Brugal’s studio workouts. Rumble is super fun, XPT training when I can get to it. And surfing now that summer is here and my ocean fear has passed…and lot’s of SUP boarding!Stacey Griffith SoulCycle

What’s your go-to tool for managing stress? Listening to Deepak Chopra and Eckhart Tolle’s Youtube’s. They’re the best.

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How do you pamper yourself when you need it? Facials at Tracy Martin, massages with Makaila and Lisa Hoffman, and baths with my spiritual bath salts SBbySG…coming soon in June!!

Do you have a favorite health gadget? I’m a gadget girl but not for health. I find them to sometimes to be disappointing. When you think you killed it and it says, “eh… you only burned 200.” I think we’ve gotten to the age where you rely on a gadget to gauge your performance, and sometimes it’s more rewarding to just know in your gut you really had a fantastic training session. It’s crazy how many people are addicted to that little thing. I personally think they get in the way and can be very distracting in a dark room.

Which healthy habit do you wish you had more time for? Working out. I’m so tired from my job, I don’t have the energy for myself. I give it to all of my students every day, 900 classes a year.

Stacey Griffith SoulCycle

Lightning Round

Meditation or massage? Massage.
A hot shower or a soothing bath? Bath.
Almond butter or peanut butter? Almond.
Coffee or tea? Coffee.
A long run outside or a dark spin class? Spin class.

Photos: Instagram/staceygnyc


Celebrity Trainer Holly Rilinger Shares Her Healthy Secrets

Here’s a fun fact about celebrity trainer Holly Rilinger: She’s not a fan of road biking.

That’s despite the fact that she built a crazy-loyal following of fans while on a bike…albeit, the indoor kind.

Rilinger is currently the creative director (and a top instructor) at growing indoor cycling brand Cyc Fitness. She’s also a Nike master trainer (and you may have seen her on Bravo’s Work Out New York last year).

And while she’s a pro at motivating people to pedal faster, she also knows the benefit of slowing down and getting centered. Evidence: She’s also the creator of LIFTED, a workout that pairs high-intensity interval training with meditation.

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Turns out meditation is just one of the ways Rilinger takes care of herself while pushing her body—and clients—to the limit. Find out more, below.

How Does Holly Rilinger Live a Nutritious Life?

What’s your go-to workday dinner? Either sushi—my go-tos are sashimi and non-rice rolls—or RARE Steak and veggies.

What’s the one food you always have in your fridge? Avocado. It’s my quick fix!

The one food you’d never buy? Processed meats.

The snack you always have with you when traveling? There’s a great new bar on the market called Nutshell. Fantastic ingredients and made in small batches.

What do you eat before and after a workout? Before, it depends on the time of day and how much time I have before the workout. I like fruit in the morning before my workouts. Midday, I can eat protein, like slices of chicken or eggs. Post workout: I love a good smoothie with protein and greens. My favorite proteins right now are pea and collagen.

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Your favorite conscious indulgence? Corn Cookies and Cereal Milk Ice Cream from Momofuko! (I just got excited.)

Other than water, what do you sip regularly? Ginger Fireballs from Juice Press.

Holly Rilinger

How often do you exercise, and what’s your workout of choice? 6 days per week! I teach indoor cycling at Cyc and it’s my PASSION.

How do you stay active outside the gym? I’m a big surfer. If I could surf every day, I would. It’s HEAVEN.

What’s your go-to tool for managing stress? Meditation. I meditate every morning for at least 10 minutes.

Do you have a favorite health gadget? Lacrosse ball. It’s my portable foam roller and helps me work out the knots.

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How do you express and spread love? I share my journey through my work. People love to hear where I’ve fallen along the way. They love honesty. I’m such a work in progress. We all are. I don’t eat perfectly or feel great every day. I like to share these sides of myself so that other people feel like it’s okay to be less than perfect.

What’s your weirdest healthy habit? I don’t know that it’s weird, but I like to sleep A LOT. I also need a lot of alone time. I need to recharge by being alone. I give a lot to others during my regular day, so partying and socializing is not a huge part of my life.

Which healthy habit do you wish you had more time for? Yoga. I need to make time for it.

Lightning Round

Meditation or massage? Massage.
A hot shower or a soothing bath? Hot shower.
Almond butter or peanut butter? Almond butter.
Coffee or tea? Coffee.
A long run outside or a dark spin class? Dark spin class.


Why Fitness Pro Adam Rosante Is All About Smoothies (and Cocktails)


It’s hard to imagine how Adam Rosante gets any sleep at night, given his many endeavors as a wellness pro.

Rosante is a personal trainer to celebrities, the creator of The People’s Bootcamp, the author of The 30-Second Body, an ambassador for Target’s C9 fitness apparel and Pure Protein, and much more.

It takes a lot to fuel that kind of fit life, which is why Rosante is all about making simple, fast, nutrient-packed smoothies, which he shares in his newest free E-book, Super Smoothie Revolution.

Of course, as a proponent of balance above all, you’re also likely to find him sipping a cocktail or glass of wine with friends to unwind in the evening. We asked him about those smoothie-to-sidecar sipping habits and the many other ways he lives a nutritious life, here.

How Does Adam Rosante Live a Nutritious Life?

If you had to name your healthy diet, what would you call it? Balance. Or…The-Italian-American-Kid-from-Long-Island-Who-Loves-to-Eat’s-Guide-to-Eating-Well.

What’s your go-to breakfast? One of my smoothies or scrambled eggs with a side of avocado, kimchi, and roasted broccoli.

Your go-to workday dinner? Grilled grass-fed steak or grilled fish and whatever green veggie looks freshest. When you cook simply, it doesn’t take long. Half the meals I post on Instagram take me about 15 minutes to make.

The snack you always have with you when traveling? Pure Protein vanilla whey and powdered organic greens in a shaker bottle. I just add water and I’m good to go. Super clean protein and key micronutrients to keep me strong, mentally sharp and firing on all cylinders.

Adam Rosante

What do you eat before and after a workout? I work out first thing in the morning and will either have an apple or some branched chain amino acids. After, I’ll have either a smoothie with some oats thrown in or the breakfast I described above.

Other than water, what do you sip regularly? Green tea. And I love a glass of wine or a nice cold beer. Plus, my wife makes the most incredible cocktails you’ve ever tasted. Like I said, balance.

How often do you exercise, and what’s your workout of choice? 5 times per week. Strength training with weights and sprints.

How do you stay active outside the gym? Surfing, rock climbing, kayaking, swimming in the ocean and bay. And chasing around my two little nieces.

What does it mean to you to “live consciously”? To be mindful of the effect your actions have on others and the world in general. To be fully present in every moment of your life and always leave people happier and more resourceful than when you met them.

What’s your weirdest healthy habit? If I have any, I don’t realize it. Uh-oh! You may want to ask my wife.

Which healthy habit do you wish you had more time for? Volunteering.

Lightning Round

Meditation or massage? Meditation.
A hot shower or a soothing bath? Hot shower.
Almond butter or peanut butter? Peanut butter.
Coffee or tea? Cold brew iced coffee.
A long run outside or a dark spin class? Short, fast sprint.

“How Do You Live a Nutritious Life?” is a recurring column. Featured guests complete a questionnaire and select answers are then chosen and edited to share, here. Are you a wellness pro interested in sharing how you live a Nutritious Life? Email to be considered.


Dr. Jordan Metzl’s High-Intensity, Fitness-Focused Nutritious Life

Dr. Jordan Metzl’s mom had a motto that clearly stuck with him: “Rest means rust!”

The esteemed sports medicine physician, popular fitness instructor, athlete, and best-selling author almost never stops moving, and his new book reflects that ethos. Dr. Jordan Metzl’s Workout Prescription: 10, 20 & 30-minute high intensity interval training workouts for every fitness level brings the science of high-intensity exercise to the busy masses, with workouts you can do quickly, wherever you are, no equipment required.

To celebrate the launch, we asked Dr. Metzl to share how he lives his own most Nutritious Life daily, and he dished out the details on how he swims, bikes, and runs all over the town, the foods he eats for fuel, and more fun facts.

How Does Dr. Jordan Metzl Live a Nutritious Life?

If you had to name your healthy diet, what would you call it? “Dr. Metzl’s A Little Bit of Everything Diet.” I’ve done 14 Ironman triathlons and 35 marathons, and food is fuel to me. I love all different kinds of food, and the more efficient I make my body, the more foods I can enjoy.

What’s the one food you always have in your fridge? Greek Yogurt. It’s simple, fast, and packed with protein.

The one food you’d never buy? Peanut butter. I hate it!

What do you eat before and after a workout? I like doing the “naked workout” once or twice a week—as in working out on an empty stomach. If I do eat before a workout, it’s usually some type of complex carbs like whole wheat bread with honey and coffee. Afterwards, if it’s been a serious training session, I usually go for the first thing I can get my hands on.

Jordan Metzl

Your favorite food indulgence? Ice cream.

Other than water, what do you sip regularly? Coffee.

How often do you exercise, and what’s your workout of choice? Every day. I try to never miss a day. I vary my workouts regularly. I run, swim, bike, and I’m obviously a huge fan of HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) that focuses on strength. My latest book is all about that.

Which workout would you NEVER do? There isn’t a workout I wouldn’t try at least once.

How do you stay active outside the gym? I’m hardly ever in the gym! I get around New York City on my bike. If I have a meeting or an event downtown, I’ll put clothes in my backpack and run to the closest Equinox. I keep it moving all the time. My mother always says, “rest means rust!”

What’s your go-to tool for managing stress? Exercise, 100 percent.

How do you express and spread love? I try and do it as much as I can. I smile and high-five every single patient I see and every person I interact with. I try to build that same idea within my IronStrength fitness community, too. We do a lot of partner workouts and supporting and cheering each other on.

Which healthy habit do you wish you had more time for? Sleep!

Lighting Round

Meditation or massage? Massage.
A hot shower or a soothing bath? Shower.
Almond butter or peanut butter? Neither!
Coffee or tea? Coffee.
A long run outside or a dark spin class? Run.

“How Do You Live a Nutritious Life?” is a recurring column. Featured guests complete a questionnaire and select answers are then chosen and edited to share, here. Are you a wellness pro interested in sharing how you live a Nutritious Life? Email to be considered.

9 Ways to Work Out at Home

Exercising among hundreds of sweaty gym goers just isn’t for everyone. If you don’t enjoy squeezing yourself into a corner of a room for a class or sweating taking the chance of sweating it up next to a man who smells like garlic then going to a health club to get your fit on just may not work for you.

That’s no excuse not to up your fitness. You just need to figure out how to workout at home, or at least not workout in a gym. There are endless options, but here are 9 of my faves.

9 Ways to Work Out at Home

1. Maximize tube time. Most commercial breaks last 60 seconds to 2 ½ minutes. Don’t fast forward your DVR or get up and go to the fridge, instead use these breaks to up your fitness. How about trying: crunches or planks (try to get as many in or stay as long as you can in the pose until your show returns); lunges, push-ups, squat-jumps or burpees (do as many as you can without stopping); yoga poses or stretches (hold each pose or stretch for 30 seconds). Every little bit counts, so challenge yourself to increase your repetitions or time as you progress.

2. Go digital. If you’re contemplating diving into the gym but aren’t sure if you’d like zumba, boot camp, yoga with weights or another gym class you may have heard of, try it at home first before doing it en mass. If your dvd player already made it to the technology graveyard with your VCR, then there are plenty of streaming options for you. Youtube is the easiest place to start. If you’re interested in Boutique style workouts, give Booyah Fitness a try. Got a smart TV? Check out your hub for free fitness VOD apps. Options are endless, you just gotta think outside the gym.

3. Make the playground your playground. Commit to getting an outdoor workout in (even if it is quick) every time you bring your kids to the park. Hint: if you wear your new athleisure wear, I promise you will be more motivated. Climb. Chase. Swing. Throw and catch. Use the bench for dips, step ups and Bulgarian lunges. Use a tree to secure your TRX. Do laps around the swing set. Small children are often fit because they never stop moving, and they don’t need to do conventional movements to be their most healthful selves. Imitate them (including the laughing and goofiness) – it feels great and you will look great too. See those monkey bars? Go try a pull up!

4. Bring the gym to you. Consider purchasing a doorway gym system. There are several options out there, such as TRX, that are portable and easy to set up. Other options are to purchase a cardio machine or hire a personal trainer who will come to you. Whatever you choose, make it part of your routine and schedule your exercise like a doctor’s appointment so that you’ll really commit. Feel like splurging? Treat yourself to a Peleton instead of diamonds. Bikes can be a girl’s best friend, too.

5. Don’t think gaming systems are just for gamers. Not just for kids, Wii, XBOX, or whatever system you prefer has several games and services that will really get your sweat on. There’s tennis, golf, baseball, dancing, bowling and so much more if you’re feeling sporty, and there are celeb fitness trainer workout options if you’re feeling celeb workouty. Who knew you’d be the one fighting over the controls with your kids?!

6. Hit the cold. Try an outside winter sport such as ice skating, skiing, snow shoeing or sledding. You’ll be having so much fun you won’t even know you’re exercising. You can even burn cals making snow angels and snowball forts, so no judgement here if you aren’t as winter sport coordinated as you’d like to be. And with so many cute winter sport apparel options, going into your closet will be all the motivation you’ll need to head outside.

7. Stand up. You burn 33% more calories standing up than you do sitting down, so decide to stand whenever the phone rings during the day. Make an effort to fold laundry standing. Stand at the computer or when waiting for the bus. Remember your posture. Shoulders back, tummy in, stand straight.

8. Get cleaning. Join a community clean-up program, de-clutter your garage/attic/basement, wash the windows, scrub the tub, find the grass in your yard by removing leaves and debris, re-organize your closet and drawers . . . this work is endless yet rewarding.  It keeps you movin’ and groovin’.

9. Walk a dog. Having a pet is a great excuse to get out and move. Pups that live indoors require at least a 30 minute stroll to get their energy out and stay healthy. Try to maximize your dog’s requirements and your own at the same time. Wear comfortable shoes and keep a good pace. And did I mention this will save you from having to get Sparky’s toenails clipped?

Of course check with your physician before embarking on a new fitness routine. Think outside the fitness box and you will be successful. Cheers to your most healthful and fit self!

How does Natalie Jill Live a Nutritious Life?

Natalie Jill helps people across the globe reach their health, fitness, and business goals.

Natalie left a very successful career in corporate America to follow her passion with health and fitness. As a Licensed Master Sports Nutritionist and functional fitness trainer, Natalie leveraged the power of the internet and in a short amount of time she was able to help hundreds of thousands of people worldwide get in shape and be their best selves.

In the process, she created a globally recognized brand with over a million social media followers worldwide and created an online business that has helped hundreds of thousands!

Although many see Natalie Jill as a fitness and nutrition expert, she is increasingly garnering attention for her ability to help others create, define, and monetize their brand in the online space.

In health & fitness, or in business, Natalie brings out the BEST in everybody she works with and helps them GET RESULTS! What’s not to love about that?!

Every time I chat with this amazing woman and friend, she brings out the best in me too! Read on to learn how she lives a Nutritious Life.

Oh, and if you wanna get rockin’ abs like she has, check out her awesome workout programs or her book the 7-Day Jump Start!

How do you DRINK UP?

Proper hydration is also very important for me so I always bring a water bottle with me. I LOVE my stainless steel water bottles – they stay cold, are inexpensive, and come in fun colors and patterns. I also have a fruit infused water bottle to carry with me all day long. Having it by my side is an instant reminder to drink more water! I normally know I have not gotten in enough water if I start feeling drowsy… Time to hydrate!

I am also a HUGE fruit and veggie eater so those keep me hydrated as well.


I am a fan of eating an unprocessed food diet. I have an auto immune disease called Celiac Sprue where my body can’t process Gluten, so I have been gluten free for 15+ years now. I chose to “unprocess my diet” and have learned the benefits of eating an unprocessed diet that is also naturally gluten-free. I eat much more fats (healthy fats), unlimited fruits and veggies, proteins and eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full. Nothing is off limits, but the majority of what I eat once “grew and needed sun”- meats, veggies, fruits, nuts, sweet potatoes. I do not count calories and I do not eat at scheduled intervals. I listen to my body, eat real, natural unprocessed foods and THAT is what I teach and what is on all of my programs.

As I noticed the change from the unprocessed diet, I started to unprocess everything including the way I worked out and how I dealt with people and life. Unprocessing every aspect of my life resulted in my mindset changing, the weight leaving and staying off, my body re-defining, looking and feeling younger, empowered, and ultimately becoming truly happy.


Deciding comes first. I decided to fix things. I put everything I knew into play- from goal setting, to vision boards, to eating unprocessed foods, positive thinking and getting negatives out of my life. I turned my life around through accountability. Accountability is everything. It doesn’t matter what I am dealing with. I take accountability and ownership and do what I can do in my current situation to change it for the better. Now, my motto is “Be Happy…Be Healthy…Be FIT!” and that is how I live my life in addition to striving to empower other people in achieving their life goals through mindset, drive, fitness, and nutrition.

How do you LOVE MORE?

I focus on making what I love about myself shine brighter and let go of the self-hate and quit actively looking for what is wrong. I collect loving people in my life every day. When I meet positive, goal oriented, successful, happy, loving, and energetic people…I want them in my life. I find ways to be around them. They energize me, inspire me and help me want to better myself! And when I am my better self, I am able to love more.


I workout daily, go hiking, do yoga, eat unprocessed and nutritious foods, listen to motivating music, spend quality time with my family, occasionally go out with friends, and surround myself with motivating, happy, positive, and creative people.

How do you SLEEP DEEP?

Being happy, healthy and fit, learning to manage my time, and being with the people I love is my secret to having deep sleep. And OH how I love to sleep. I actually get excited around 8:30 pm because I know it is time to wind down. I do take magnesium before bed and drink chamomile tea. Both help me shut off my mind so I can read for a bit and then go to sleep!

How do you STRESS LESS?

This is a work in progress. I have taught myself to be more present in the moment and to take deep breaths before “reacting”. I stay very scheduled so that I have room for everything important. I make sure not to overbook or book things too close together.

I focus on my strengths and delegate the rest.  I focus on what I am good at, what I like to do and the things that I do that make me get lost in time. The amount of money and time I actually SAVE having people help me with the things I am terrible at, has freed up my life and given me time for more of what I am good at and enjoy doing. That has made me more productive, more focused on the right things and more successful.

How do you SWEAT OFTEN?

I do short, intense workouts that get my heart rate up, and send some sweat running down! Those are the workouts that truly challenge me.  One of my favorite types of workouts is a track workout. This is my type of “cardio”. These workouts can be extremely effective and the training ideas are endless at the track.



Learn more about Natalie Jill!