Stress Less

March 2011: Stress Less

By Nutritious Life


To celebrate the advent of spring, the Hindu and Sikh faiths partake in a festival called Holi. Holi is a festival of colors, a time for people to rejoice and take in all the new life spring brings. For Holi, people paint their faces and bodies with powdered colors to dance and be merry, celebrating life and love. Research has shown that dancing with others can lower your levels of stress hormones and enhance your feel-good-hormone, serotonin. Put on your brightest colors and dance away!

NLT: Besides rejoicing through dance, people drink Thandai, a traditional beverage made of nuts and spices. Add a dash of cardomum, fennel seeds, pepper and some poppy seeds to almond milk and drink up! This festive Holi drink is delicious and packed with all the healthy benefits of nuts and spices, with no added sugar or salt. Yet another reason to celebrate!