Episode 6: Dr. Jeffrey Bland on Immunorejuvenation and the Power of Polyphenols and Prebiotics

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In this exciting episode of Living a Nutritious Life Podcast, we are thrilled to welcome Dr. Jeffrey Bland, a renowned expert in the field of functional medicine, who brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to the conversation. Get ready for an enlightening and engaging discussion!

About Our Guest:

Dr. Jeffrey Bland is recognized as the father of functional medicine, with a career spanning over decades in clinical biochemistry and nutritional medicine. He has also earned numerous awards for his contributions to medical science. Dr. Bland is known for his groundbreaking work in personalized health and nutrition.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

Discover the fascinating concept of immunorejuvenation and its connection to longevity, as well as Dr. Bland’s journey in making Himalayan Tartary Buckwheat accessible in various nutritious forms.

Learn about the interrelationship between gut health and immune strength, the importance of a diverse diet, and personalized approaches to wellness.

Episode Highlights:

– Introduction to immunorejuvenation and its impact on biological age and longevity.

– Insights on the nutritional power of Himalayan cherry buckwheat.

– The role of gut health and the gut microbiome in maintaining a robust immune system.

– Dr. Bland’s top three nutritional elements for immune system rejuvenation.

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Living a Nutritious Life Podcast is dedicated to empowering individuals to live their most nutritious lives. Founded by Keri Glassman, the podcast covers various facets of wellness, from diet and fitness to mental health and sleep hygiene.

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– Website: https://bigboldhealth.com

– Personal Site: https://jeffreybland.com

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