Episode 14: The Silent Epidemic: Tackling Fatty Liver Through Nutrition

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Living a Nutritious Life Podcast

How many of you think about your liver health? I think some of us think about it in terms of something like “I’ve been beating up my liver drinking too much recently.” But, we don’t really think about it in the same way that we may think about heart health or brain health. But, guess what? We should!! And, this is why we’re so happy to have registered dietitian Kristin Kirkpatrick and Dr. Ibrahim Hanouneh on the Living a Nutritious Life Podcast. 

About Our Guests:

Kristin Kirkpatrick, MS, RD is a bestselling author, president & CEO of KAK Nutrition Consulting, a dietitian with the Department of Wellness & Preventive Medicine at Cleveland Clinic, and a senior fellow with Meadows Behavioral Healthcare. She has appeared on the TODAY show, NBC Nightly News, and Fox News, among others, and has contributed to publications such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and TIME


Dr. Ibrahim Hanouneh completed his internal medicine residency, and gastroenterology and hepatology fellowship training at the Cleveland Clinic and served on the liver faculty at the Cleveland Clinic and at the Mayo Clinic. He works with MNGI Digestive Health—one of the largest gastroenterology practices in the United States. He has presented at several national and international meetings and has been an author on over seventy papers as well as numerous abstracts.

Kristin and Dr. Hanouneh’s new book, Regenerative Health, dives deep into the extensive work and research the pair have done on liver health, introducing four main metabolic profiles and offering customized eating and lifestyle plans to put people on a path to better health.

Connect with Kristin & Dr. Ibrahim:

Kristin’s Instagram: @fuelwellwithkrissyDr. Ibrahim’s LinkedIn: @i_hanouneh

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Regenerative Health Book

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