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By Keri Glassman

World Cup

Who isn’t on a little World Cup energy high? Even if the USA didn’t get a big ole W yesterday, my energy is not waning.  I’m a born soccer lover and player, but I have never enjoyed watching it as much as I do now (go USA!).  Does that mean I am getting older? Anyway…I’m inspired. I thought I’d share some of that inspiration with you with three things to try to release your inner soccerhead and up your fitness at the same time. I’ll save a spot for you at midfield on my team.

Things to try this weekend:

  1. Remember running suicides in high school? Nothing pushes your athletic ability as much as sprinting as hard and fast as you can in repeated bouts of measured distances over and over. Try it this weekend. Measure your distance and sprint your hardest, jog back and repeat again and again and again. Soccer players do it for hours.
  2. No hands, no problem. Your head will do the trick. Practice your headers this weekend by doing burpees. Visualize your head scoring the victory gooooaaaaallll! This will take a lot of serious work and determination, but that is why you are so successful on the field.
  3. Few people will argue with me when I tell them that there is nothing more fierce, exhilarating, exhausting or rewarding than running up and down stadium stairs. This practice helps to hone soccer skills with fast footwork and measured endurance. You’ll need those skills if you want to play with the best.

The good thing is you don’t even need your soccer kicks to bring out your soccer skills. Grab any sneaks and meet me on the field. I’ll bring a ball.