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The 10 Best Plastic-Free Products for an Eco-Friendly Kitchen


By Abby K. Cannon, RD, JD, CDN, a Nutritious Life Certified sustainability expert

Are you looking to make your kitchen greener? It’s easier than you think. You probably have most of the items you need—and you can easily buy the ones you don’t have on Amazon.

But if you’re not on board yet, transitioning to more sustainable kitchenware isn’t only better for the environment, it’s also better for your health.

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That’s because many kitchen items are made of plastic, and the chemicals in plastic products can leach into your food when the plastic is hot. Some of these chemicals have been linked to hormone disruption, impaired immunity, developmental and reproductive issues, and certain cancers. This sounds scary, but there are many low-lift changes you can make to quickly transform your kitchen (and health!). 

Here are some great products to stock in your eco-friendly kitchen:

  • Wooden Spatulas

    Many cooking utensils, including spatulas, spoons, and ladles are made from plastic. Swap them for ones made from bamboo, wood, or stainless steel, like this wooden set from OXO. Many wood and bamboo versions are dishwasher-safe! $12,

    (Photo: Amazon)

  • Dishcloths

    It’s estimated that we use 13 billion pounds of paper towels in the U.S. each year. Most of these towels aren’t recycled and are made from virgin materials. Switching to dishcloths is a simple way to cut down on paper towel use in the kitchen. Dishcloths are more absorbent than you’d think, plus they provide a more elevated look in the kitchen. Win-win. $20,

    (Photo: Amazon)

  • Reusable Glass or Stainless-Steel Containers

    Reusable containers are a must for a green kitchen. Use them to store everything, including meal prepped food, leftovers, and ingredients you bought in bulk (nuts, seeds, whole grains, dried fruit). Glass jars are some of my favorite containers. Remember that while you can buy jars, you can also repurpose jars from purchased food, like those from nut butter, pasta sauces, beans, pickles, and so on. $15,

    (Photo: Amazon)

  • Reusable Bowl Covers and Food Wraps

    Do you find that the lids to your glass containers always go missing? Instead of reaching for plastic cling wrap, opt for reusable bowl covers or food wraps. Although the cloth versions aren’t airtight, they’re perfect for short-term storage or for transporting food from your house to someone else’s! Beeswax wraps—like these from Bee’s Wrap—are great for storing sandwiches, fresh bread, cheese, and fruit. $16,

    (Photo: Amazon)

  • Reusable Food Storage Bags

    You can use these to shop for produce and for storing food. Cloth storage bags are awesome, and there are many silicone alternatives available as well. $12,

    (Photo: Amazon)

  • Wood or Bamboo Cutting Board

    Take a look at your plastic cutting board. Do you see the groves where your knife has cut the board? Where do you think those bits of plastic have gone? Most likely, into your food! It’s time to swap those plastic boards out for wood or bamboo ones. $38,

    (Photo: Amazon)

  • French Press or Percolator

    Next up, take a look at your coffee machine. Is the water container plastic? Does it heat the water in plastic? Does the hot water then run through a plastic filter and into your cup? If so, a plastic-free French press and stainless-steel percolator (like this one from Coletti) are both solid alternatives. $28,

    (Photo: Amazon)

  • Dish Brushes

    Ditch your disposable sponge (that likely came packaged in single-use plastic) for a reusable dish brush that will clean just as well and last much longer. My favorite one is from Package Free. The head is biodegradable, and you can replace it when it’s worn out. This saves you from having to get a whole new brush! $10,

    (Photo: Package Free)

  • Stainless-Steel Funnels

    Purchasing bulk items in glass jars makes for very heavy grocery bags! Instead, you can buy them in reusable cloth bags, then transfer the ingredients into jars when you get home. This is where these Norpro funnels come into play. They make for a much easier and less messy transfer. $11,

    (Photo: Amazon)

  • Cookware

    While non-stick pans are more convenient, they’re filled with many chemicals. Opt for stainless steel, glass, or cast-iron cookware instead (like the set from Lodge, shown). You’ll need to use some extra healthy fats while cooking, like avocado or olive oil, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with that! $70,

    (Photo: Amazon)

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