You’re scouring the internet for apple recipes to try after apple picking, because you may or may not have gotten slightly overzealous on your fall apple picking adventure.

As in…

You planned your day, drove the 40 minutes to get to the apple orchard, frolicked down the rows of trees in your cute new fall boots and plaid shirt, took about a hundred too many pictures, and then retreated home… with 25 pounds of apples.

We get it. And we’ve totally been there.

So, now what?

Well have no remorse, because we’ve got 14 ways for you to put every last apple to use—and thrill your friends and family in the process.

14 Easy Apple Recipes To Try After an Apple Picking Adventure

  1. Enjoy it just as nature intended. Apples make the perfect snack when paired with 10 almonds, 2 teaspoons of nut butter, or an ounce of cheese.
  2. Quick-prep Apple Fries and Dip. You can whip up this easy, healthy, crowd-pleasing snack in two minutes, flat. 
  3. Use them in easy recipes for a healthy breakfast or dinner. Eating whole apples during the day can wear down your excitement to try new apple recipes come dinnertime, but creatively placing them into your meals and side dishes—like in this Red Cabbage Slaw with Apples and Cranberries—can keep even 25 pounds of apples exciting.
  4. Stir some spiced applesauce into this apple pancakes recipe for a perfect fall brinner. Be sure to serve some eggs on the side for added protein.  
  5. Try Crunchy Chicken Salad Boats as a cold main dish or lunch. (Psst, kids love these, too!)
  6. Stew ‘em to create this homemade applesauce recipe. One of the most basic and tasty apple recipes for fall!
  7. Substitute applesauce for oil. It’s the perfect swap when making this yummy Healthy Bran Muffins recipe
  8. Mix applesauce it into yogurt. Don’t question it, just try it! We bet you’ll become a believer.
  9. Add applesauce to this healthy, homemade Quinoa Granola recipe. Avoid the processed sugars and refined carbs of store-bought granola and snack on this satisfying and flavorful version instead.
  10. Stew apples and use them as a topping. No need to fully mash apples into applesauce. Instead, cut up some apples, toss in some spices, and stew them until they reach a semi-firm consistency. Serve them over yogurt, oatmeal, or a slice of whole grain toast with nut butter. Mmmm!
  11. Bake up some apple chips. This easy and delish Apple Chip Recipe delivers tons of flavor with little effort. Apple chips are crispy, slightly chewy, cinnamon-a-rific perfection—a true fall obsession. Bonus: they store in an airtight container for a full week. 
  12. Blend up an appleicious treat. If you’re feeling something creamy and dreamy, try this Apple Spice Smoothie recipe. Your blender is jealous of your pie dish this time of year, so try this smoothie and spread the appliance love around.
  13. Bring apples into tea time. After reading the book Zen Ties when they were little, my kids asked me to make them some apple tea. It’s now a staple in my home and it’s the perfect solution to your apple peel problem from stewing and saucing all ‘dem apples.
  14. Gift someone Mother Nature’s gift. If you’ve tried all or most of these tasty recipes, but you still have apples to spare, share them with a coworker, neighbor, school, or food bank. You can even leave them out with a little note of appreciation for your delivery person. After all, sharing is caring, and everyone loves being on the receiving end of a random act of kindness.

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