Reach your goals of getting rid of bloat and re-establishing portion control. You won’t be left feeling deprived and you’ll be set on an empowered path.

"If you can commit to four days of cleaning yourself out, the benefits will kick in right away. Yes, right away. People may comment on how great your skin looks. You will have more energy. And, I can guarantee you’re going to feel amazingly empowered."


These cleanses are designed to empower you so that all this cleansing helps you feel in control and wanting to continue to eat healthier.

At the same time, you’ll improve your energy, skin and sleep. Instead of starving your body through a liquid diet, I believe in feeding and fueling your body with nutritious, natural and unprocessed, real foods that heal the body, combat bloat, settle the digestive tract and revitalize you from the inside out.

This ebook can be downloaded immediately, and covers:

  • Why, when, where, and how you should cleanse

  • What makes a good vs. bad cleanse

  • Everything you want to know about detox diets

  • Cleanse Q + As

  • 6 unique cleanses that focus on weight, bloating, skin, aging, stress, inflammation, and energy

  • Shopping lists for each cleanse

  • Recipes for all cleanses

"The positives go on and on... I look and feel like a new person; a better person."
- Jodi, Nutritious Life Client
"Most importantly for me, this has given me a sense of confidence that I did not have before."
- Sam, The Nutritious Life Studio Graduate
"Keri Glassman is a vessel of information that creates a buzz of health and lasting lifestyle change."
- Dee, Chiropractor
"I like her approach a lot. It's simple and healthy. The food plans and principles are so easy to follow and I'm ready to start the plan immediately."
- Mary S.
"I can not say thank you enough! Finally a plan that works. I feel so empowered and so looking forward to the NEW ME!"
- Deborah J.
"What I like most is that she touches on all important parts in our life that we should work on because they all play such key roles in living a healthy, happy lifestyle.
- Sally T.
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