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Xen Strength Yoga: 10 Minutes for Tight Hamstrings

If you sit at a desk all day, you probably need yoga for tight hamstrings.

“One of the biggest excuses I hear from people as to why they can’t practice yoga is they’re not flexible, but that’s exactly the reason you should practice yoga,” explains Danielle Diamond.

Diamond is a superstar yoga instructor (and graduate of The Nutrition School!), and she created Xen Strength Yoga, a method that combines yoga and meditation with muscle-building. Using both weights and warrior poses, the practice comes with major mind-body benefits. Now, she’s sharing 10-minute sequences you can do at home, here, in a series of videos that illustrate yoga’s many functions.

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First up, loosening up those hamstrings. People tend to use the fact that they can’t touch their toes as a measure of their inflexibility, Diamond explains. So stretching them out will make you feel a little less jammed up all over.

Plus, this sequence incorporates both stretching and strengthening those hammies. And like all of her classes, you’ll also be building muscle in your arms, thanks to the use of weights on the mat.

Xen Strength Yoga for Tight Hamstrings

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