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The 10 Best Natural Nut Butters


Considering how naturally delicious nut butter is, it’s seems nutty that companies often add all kinds of unhealthy stuff to the packaged product. (Yes, we’re talking about all of those brands you likely grew up with!)

Thankfully, in the past few years there’s been a major influx of brands making healthier versions, and even adding superfoods and other creative, delicious ingredients that add nutrition value to the jars instead of destroying it.

Below, we share some of our favorites, for all different kinds of nut butter lovers.

Note: In a perfect world, we’d only choose products that don’t include palm oil, which is bad for your health and the environment. Unfortunately, if you want to be able to easily stir your nut butter, you might want to choose to have a little of that in your life over the slightly less convenient just-nuts-and-salt versions. We’ll leave that up to you while we go start the jelly research…

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Natural Nut Butters for All Different Eaters

  • Best for the almond aficionado

    Barney Butter’s team really knows almonds—all of the products revolve around the nutritious nuts.  They use almonds grown in their backyard and blanch them for better flavor, and you can complete your order with additional products like almond flour and, well, almonds.

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  • Best for a superfood boost

    Nuttzo is all about mash-ups: taking nearly every kind of nut that can be turned into butter—cashew, almond, peanut, Brazil—and adding nutrient-dense seeds like chia, flax, and sunflower. We love that they have a certified organic line, too. (P.S. This one is Keri’s favorite!)


  • Best for allergy sufferers

    Nuts are tricky for those with serious allergies, and SunButter eliminates them all to keep it safe. If you buy the organic option, the only ingredient is roasted sunflower seeds; the regular adds just a tiny bit of sugar and salt. This is a great option for your kids’ PB&J (or SB&J?) sandwiches if they go to a peanut-free school.


  • Best for indulging

    When you want your nut butter to serve as dessert, Justin’s is definitely the go-to. Of course they make everyday options, too (like classic peanut and almond), but you can also choose a jar of Chocolate Hazelnut and, um, just a few dark chocolate peanut butter cups.


  • Best for the Insta foodie

    Big Spoon Roasters’ products are made by hand and packaged in pretty glass jars. They’re made with ingredients like heirloom mission almonds and raw wildflower honey. Can’t you just picture the jar of Almond Ginger strategically positioned behind a gorgeous toast layout?

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  • Best for peanut purists

    The super cute squirrel logo on Wild Friends’ products is just one reason to love them. The company makes amazing flavors like Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter and related products like Nut Butter Oats. But the Classic Creamy Peanut is just peanuts and sea salt—the way we like it.

    $21 for 3,

  • Best for sugar detoxing

    Cashew butter doesn’t have as much protein as almond or peanut, so it’s not a perfect substitute. One major benefit, however, is that cashews are sweeter than other nuts. So if you love sweet stuff but are trying to cut back on sugar intake, Artisana Organics’ Creamy Cashew is the perfect option. It’s certified organic and made with just one ingredient: raw cashews.


  • Best for variety

    If you don’t discriminate when it comes to nut butter (honestly, same), you’ll <3 this variety pack from RX. With flavors like Honey Cinnamon and Maple Almond Butter, we dare you to try and pick a fave.


  • Best for a mini meal

    TBH, we’re not huge fans of a restrictive keto diet for the average person, but this macadamia nut butter from Perfect Keto tastes delish and keeps you full for hours thanks to a hit of coconut butter and MCT oil. Mmm.


  • Best for no-fuss nuts

    Crazy Richard’s is the simplest PB you can find. Don’t believe us? Just look at the ingredient list: peanuts. Yep, that’s it!

    $25 for 6,

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