Whether you’re a seasoned wellness entrepreneur looking to take your career to the next level or someone wanting to make a complete career change, there are many benefits to a career in wellness. And embarking on or heading deeper down the wellness path has never been easier.

Higher education is way more accessible today than it ever was, and you might be surprised by all of the rewards you can reap by finding the right continuing education or online certification course. Taking online classes will provide you with transferable skills that can give you a leg up in your job search or as an entrepreneur.

That’s why our founder Keri Glassman, MS, RDN, CDN, started The Nutritious Life Studio (NLS). Through cutting-edge nutrition, coaching and business education, she wanted to help wellness professionals build and grow their business.

We know that change can be scary—especially when it comes to our careers. We can make countless excuses as to why we should stay in that job (even though we hate it) or why we couldn’t possibly start our own business.

And, while the stress of the pandemic has taken a toll on us all , we still have a choice and don’t have to stay in a miserable work environment. We can take a chance, bet on ourselves and on our futures.

Whether you’re feeling stuck in your current job, want to make a career change into wellness, or would like to take your business to the next level—enrolling in The Nutritious Life Studio can help you achieve your goals.

Need a little more inspiration? We asked our NLS alumni to share some of their favorite things about taking the course—and how it helped them in their own business. Here’s what they have to say. Read on for inspiration!

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15 Reasons to Join The Nutritious Life Studio

1. Boost your nutrition science knowledge and confidence

“After becoming Nutritious Life Certified, I have a newfound level of confidence when talking about nutrition with clients. What I appreciated the most was Keri’s thoroughness and way of communicating a complicated topic in a simple way. The handouts for each topic were incredibly useful, and I still refer to them to this day! As a graduate of the program, the learning never stops. The Nutritious Life Studio is an amazing community to be a part of, and Keri continues to actively engage students through updated nutrition info, breaking down trends, and group discussions. I can’t recommend this program enough if you’re looking to take your wellness business to the next level.”

—Carly Paige, Chef and Health Coach, Nutritious Life Certified

2. Put Keri Glassman’s unmatched training and integrity in your back pocket

“The Nutritious Life Certification is one of the best programs I’ve invested in. Keri’s training and integrity are unmatched, and I’ve already seen results in my clients. I have been using the knowledge I have gained on my clients and it’s working.”

—Annie Petersmeyer, NLC, Fitness Instructor, Nutritious Life Certified

3. Learn about the interplay between nutrition and lifestyle

“NLS has been the perfect blend for my business. It offers a unique understanding of how nutrition has evolved over the years and the interplay between nutrition and lifestyle.”

—Cori Cooper, Pharmacist, Women’s Empowerment Coach, Professional Speaker, Health Education Expert, Nutritious Life Certified

4. Arm yourself with straightforward know-how for starting a business

“The Nutritious Life Studio course offers a practical, easy-to-understand format. The business portion was the most helpful for me. The sample questionnaires, forms and how-tos are really the answers to every question you have about starting a business. In addition, you get to be a part of the engaging, inclusive weekly group meetings after you graduate from Level 1—and the access to Keri is an incredible bonus. I don’t know where else you would ever get such vital, important, pertinent information wrapped into one course.”

—Heather Floriani, Life Coach, Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Health Coach, Nutritious Life Certified

5. Learn to speak your truth and share your uniqueness

“The biggest thing that I have learned from the NLS certification and community is that the world needs to hear what I have to say. It can be scary to start a new business and so easy to compare yourself to others, but NLS offers the necessary knowledge to take that next step. The warmth and love from the NL community, whether it’s Keri herself, the Facebook group, or Masterclass, can not be beat. We all cheer for one another, and share our unique businesses with the world.”

—Jane Hanisch, Personal Trainer, Exercise Physiologist, Yoga Instructor, Nutritious Life Certified

6. Acquire practical, actionable nutrition science to easily coach clients

“Because of The Nutritious Life Studio certification, I acquired nutrition science information and tools to use when working one-on-one with clients. More importantly, I gained the confidence to take the next step in creating my own business and help people with their individual journey to healthy eating and living. The NLS team is incredibly supportive, and I know I will continue to stay involved in the community.”

—Cassie Scoon NLC, Health & Wellness Blogger at Granola Barre Girl, Nutritious Life Certified

7. Gain confidence and support to drown out the self-doubt

“The information, resources, and community gave me extra confidence and support that had been missing. Working alone in private practice generated self-doubt, but now that I have the support of the NLS community, I can continue to counsel my clients with more confidence. I’m so excited to see my company grow!”

—Eileen Hsiung, RDN, NLC, Founder of Pure Nutrition OC, Nutritious Life Certified

8. Add a nutrition component to enhance your existing fitness resume

“Becoming Nutritious Life Certified gave me amazing tools to use with my clients and I’ve seen a lot more success. Integrating this education into my fitness program will make it a more comprehensive package. It’s going to get even greater results than just the fitness or the nutrition alone.”

—Kim Wallis, NLC, CSCS, Founder of Pilates4Pros, Nutritious Life Certified

9. See how to personalize nutrition for each and every client and yourself

“NLS has taught me the value of balance and it was a game-changer for me and my clients. My personal diet had been focused on totally eliminating foods without truly understanding if it was necessary (or effective). Through NLS, I learned that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Now, this carries over into how I curate and develop plans for clients to meet their unique needs. Keri’s philosophy of “conscious indulgence” allows me and my clients to remove the word “failure” from our vocabulary and to participate in life’s really important moments without feeling like we completely abandoned our healthy lifestyle. Diet and movement are important, but they aren’t the entire picture. Sleep, self-care and spending time with the people we love and within our communities is also extremely important. The NLS community is a part of that really important piece that helps me learn and stay connected to our amazing network of students, alums and educators.”

—Lorien Talmadge, RYT, MBA, Nutritious Life Certified

10. Find the courage to take the first step

“I had the belief that I couldn’t or shouldn’t launch my business before having a completed website, nailing down all of my offerings, business cards, etc. … not to mention having all the “answers.” I couldn’t have been more wrong. Keri and the NLS community helped me to see that all you need to get started is a passion for helping people and the desire to make a difference in someone’s life. Don’t compare yourself to other coaches who may be further along and especially not those who have been practicing for several years; it takes time! Start working with people as soon as you can. Your business will evolve and grow as you gain experience, and all of the other things will fall into place at the pace that they should.”

—Marianne Gibson, Nutritious Life Certified

11. Be embraced by a supportive, collaborative and loving community

“The Nutritious Life Studio is more than a course, it has been the best supportive and loving community. Keri and the team are so welcoming and the weekly calls are the best. COVID hit NYC hard and having this community has been a lifeline. They are always open to collaborating and being of service. Because of NLS, I pivoted my business to online cooking classes and running through my ideas on the calls has helped me grow my confidence.”

—Mercedes Vargas, Chef and Health Coach, Nutritious Life Certified

12. Learn how to prioritize and set tangible business goals

“One of the tools I learned was the importance of prioritization when starting your business. I learned how to set tangible goals for how many hours I spend on my website, on creating courses, on classwork, and on working with clients. Before this support, I was feeling extremely overwhelmed, and this idea to set different goals for different parts of my wellness business was transformational. I was given the freedom to not feel like I have to do everything perfectly at all times. This NLS community truly has helped me get over that plateau of starting my business, getting my masters, and working through my fears of failing.”

—Mckenzie Hathaway, Nutritional Health Coach, Nutritious Life Certified

13. Find the right balance between nutrition, coaching and running a business

“The program has the perfect balance between information on nutrition, coaching and setting up a private practice.”

—Alicia Gitlitz, Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Nutritious Life Certified

14. Dare to break out out of your comfort zone and embrace your passion

“The Nutritious Life Studio has given me a community of like-minded people to lean on. They have helped and inspired me to break out of my comfort zone and pursue my passion to help others in the wellness space.”

—Kathy Miller, Nutritious Life Certified

15. Gain the confidence to pursue your dreams

“The Nutritious Life Studio is helping me reignite my passion for wellness and is giving me the confidence to pursue my dreams, like creating a blog where I can inspire women of all ages and sizes to live a cozy, healthy lifestyle. I would also like to create a business around it someday. I can’t thank NLS enough!”

—Christina Papas, BS Philosophy, Nutritious Life Certified

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