Drink Up

June 2011: Drink Up

By Nutritious Life

Red Wine

Achu! Yup, we know the deal, allergy season has reared its ugly head again. But don’t fret, research shows that some of the drinks already in your fridge might do the trick. Quercetin, a natural compound found in red wine and black tea, works as an anti-inflammatory and decreases histamine production. Make a pitcher of tea and pop in some ice cubes for a refreshing  allergy remedy…sans drowsy side effects.  Or enjoy a glass of red wine (as if we needed yet another reason to love the stuff) for a relaxing evening, tissues not included.

NLT: Quercetin is also found in grapefruit and apples; the perfect ingredients for a light summer parfait. Add fruit to low fat yogurt, and sprinkle with flax seeds for a nutrient bursting crunch.