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5 Delicious, Healthy Morning Drinks That Aren’t Coffee


First of all, there’s nothing wrong with a cup of coffee in the morning. In fact, most research shows it’s good for your health.

But many people drink too much or want to cut back for other reasons. Maybe the acid is hard on your stomach, for example, or you don’t like the taste of coffee (are you crazy?!), or you think your coffee habit might be affecting your ability to fall asleep.

If that’s the case, you may need one of these healthy morning drinks to act as a replacement. The fact is: there’s something about having something to routinely sip in the morning that just makes you feel like you’re kicking off your day right. Plus, many of these contain components that will give you a similar energy boost—or at least contribute to better overall health.

Here are five healthy morning drinks to consider pouring in the a.m if you’re off the java.

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5 Healthy Morning Drinks That Aren’t Coffee

  • Turmeric Latte

    The trendy turmeric root has gotten a lot of hype because its potential anti-inflammatory benefits are pretty incredible. This is an easy, tasty way to get more of it in your diet. While it doesn’t include an energy-boosting ingredient, it will support your overall wellbeing, especially combined with the healthy fats in coconut oil and super nutritious cinnamon.

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  • Matcha Latte

    You’ve likely heard wellness peeps going on and on about matcha, matcha, matcha…and that’s because the powdered green tea is a true superfood. It’s filled with powerful antioxidants and delivers an energy boost that doesn’t result in a subsequent crash, thanks to its caffeine-plus-l-theanine combo. Our favorite version, below, is a refreshing iced style made with almond milk.

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  • Kombucha

    Maybe your gut bacteria needs an a.m. wake-up call, too? Bubbly kombucha is great for your microbiome (which means it’s also great for your immune system). Since it’s made with a black tea base, it’s also got a little bit of caffeine for a gentle jolt.

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  • Yerba Mate Latte

    Yerba mate is a tea made from the leaves of the rainforest mate tree. In Argentina, almost everyone drinks it, socially, by passing around a cup called a “gourd” and sipping through a “bombilla,” which is essentially a fancy straw. Not only does mate have some pick-me-up effects a la java, it’s chock full of vitamins and minerals. Turn it into a sweet, nutty latte with honey and creamy cashew milk with our recipe, below.

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  • Mushroom Elixir

    All kinds of different mushrooms come with all kinds of different benefits related to gut health, immunity, and even better sleep. Four Sigmatic takes some of the most powerful ones and makes them into powdered drink mixes you can stir up for a morning elixir. The cordyceps version, in particular, is called “Revive” for its reported energizing effects.

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