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Everything you need to kickstart your journey to becoming a top-notch nutrition coach, wrapped up in one neat package.

Save time by being more efficient with your client intake process

Feel confident in your intake and process with your clients

Be prepared for sessions with done-for-you handouts

Live empowered and put yourself out in the world on social media



Coaching Essentials Toolkit - new website

Sample Emails and Forms

Email templates and intake form to get you started or uplevel your business

Educational Handouts

Nutrition basics handouts to help you educate your clients

Done-for-You Tools

Resources for you to use with or give to clients

Social Media Templates

Sample social media templates to help you put yourself out in the world

Got a question? No problem. We’ve got answers. This free toolkit’s delivery system 
     comes with the ability
 for you to ask questions to the Nutritious Life team


This Nutrition Essentials Coaching Toolkit is created by Keri Glassman, MS, RD, CDN and her team at the Nutritious Life Studio. Keri is a seasoned renowned celebrity dietitian nutritionist and healthy cooking expert with over two decades as a leading wellness thought leader. Keri is a seasoned, renowned celebrity dietitian nutritionist and healthy cooking expert with over two decades as a forefront wellness thought leader.


“If you love nutrition or if you are new to loving it, Keri Glassman has a way of keeping your interest and wanting more. I was fully engaged as soon as my first module began. The course content is loaded with current information. The flow of how we learn is awesome. You could have a client the week you start, and the modules will help keep you on track of how to proceed. I loved the course, it really opened my eyes more.” – Giovanna Mason, Nutritious Life Certified, Licensed Massage Therapist

“Keri is amazing, down to earth and her energy is infectious!! You cannot go wrong with this program.” – Neika Small, Nutritious Life Certified, Registered Nurse

“Having Keri as a teacher is a blessing. She provided a learning atmosphere in which it was an experience to learn and enjoy as you learn. I am definitely happy to be a part of this community and looking forward to learning a lot more and helping people live a healthy life.” – Bentley Martin, Nutritious Life Certified

“Keri presents the content in a way that is completely accessible no matter if you’re coming in green or looking at it as a way to freshen your skills. It’s thorough and top notch. But more than just information, the Nutritious Life Studio is all about community, and in my opinion that’s as equally valuable as the education. There’s nothing more energizing than surrounding yourself with an incredible community that really shows up, shares and cares. The Nutritious Life Studio constantly presents its members with the chance to get involved – from live chats and book clubs, to spotlight opportunities and in person gatherings. If you’ve ever considered an education in nutrition, make the Nutritious Life Studio the place you go.” – Laura Collis, BS Psychology

“Keri has a great energy and you can tell right away how passionate she is about nutrition and wellness and helping people. I love that the nutrition science education was well organized and well explained. The bonus business advice is very helpful for people just starting off in the industry and has some great pointers. Overall, I was very happy I took this program and look forward to being an active alum in the Nutritious Life community!” – Genevieve Darrow, Nutritious Life Certified

“The Nutritious Life Studio is one of the best investments I have ever made! Learning from Keri was amazing and her knowledge and passion shines through in all of the content and online discussions! The community is so supportive and a joy to be a part of! Thank you to everyone at the Nutrition Life Studio for such an amazing experience and allowing me to have the confidence and knowledge to build my own business!” – Hayley Baker, Nutritious Life Certified, Holistic Recovery Specialist

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Coaching Essentials Toolkit - new website