Jill Anenberg Lawrence

Removing toxins & chemicals, swapping with clean & safe choices

Jill Anenberg Lawrence

Location: Los Angeles Baby!

Website: https://jilllawrencehealth.com

With a previous career in comedy, Jill brings humor to wellness in her coaching, writing, speaking & entertaining videos! She's an expert in toxins...you know, those jerky irritants in our cleaning products, beauty, water & food. For soul health, Jill rescues dogs, fosters & advocates for animals.

"If everywhere you go someone is an asshole, you are the asshole." A fun way of saying we get the energy we put out.

Q: If I were a type of produce, I would be...

A: Organic grapes. I've got thick skin but am sweet and sensitive inside. Plus grapes look like balls and I've got a big pair of em'!

Q: I live my most Nutritious Life by...

A: Laughter is the best medicine and I stay healthy with lots of it! Also decluttering the shit out of everything so I can appreciate exactly what I need and keep my mind clear. One more-volunteering!

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