Abby K. Cannon

Sustainable + Eco-Friendly Lifestyles, Hormone Health, & Pre- and Post-Natal Nutrition

Abby K. Cannon

Location: New York City & Long Island


Abby K. Cannon, JD, RD, CDN, NLC is an attorney turned dietitian who lives a very low waste, eco-friendly lifestyle. She's the founder of the successful private nutrition and wellness practice, Abby's Food Court, and is a sought after speaker on sustainability, low waste living, and women's health.

"Never leave that til tomorrow which you can do today." -Ben Franklin

Q: If I were a type of produce, I would be...

A: Broccoli

Q: I live my most Nutritious Life by...

A: Eating lots of vegetables, breathing, moving my body regularly (but not obsessively!), and actively engaging with my amazing clients and community (including the wonderful TNS community).

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